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22 November 2007
Earth is constantly bombarded by high energy particles from space, cosmic rays. Most are protons, the positively-charged particles that normally live in the nuclei of atoms....
22 November 2007
We think the moon formed when a Mars-sized planet (Theia) smashed into the proto-Earth four and a half billion years ago. This remarkable idea is supported by the geology of...


21 November 2007
Archive Journeys are held every Thursday at 2.30pm in the E-Library, and are an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience some of our most famous historical moments...
19 November 2007
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History is a just-published encyclopedia about all things ships and the sea. It's edited by John Hattendorf of the U.S. Naval War College...


17 November 2007


16 November 2007
Having introduced the Pellew manuscript collection in my last post, I thought it would be good to examine some of the gems unearthed so far.


15 November 2007
14 November 2007
This previous item of the month is just too good to miss. Lieutenant Peter Alexander Halkett's design for a cloak-boat, held in our rare book collection, is a portable boat...
14 November 2007
The Guardian: Rail company staff go digital to help trains run like clockwork ‘Northern Rail has issued 3,000 staff with digital watches, updated via a signal from the UK's...
14 November 2007
British History Online British History Online contains core printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of Britain. Most of the content is open...