Use digital technologies to explore pioneering technology of the 18th century and discover how Greenwich became the world’s timekeeper. Resources for Media & Design students to create interactive multimedia posters for an exhibition using augmented reality app Blippar. In partnership with Ravensbourne College and Blippar.

The race to measure longitude

For centuries, seafarers used the sun and stars to measure latitude (position in relation to north and south). However measuring longitude (position in relation to east and west) was a much greater challenge. In 1714, Parliament offered the huge reward of £20,000 for anyone who could find a reliable way to measure longitude. It took many experiments and many great minds to come up with the solution.

Using augmented reality to explore the past

Blippar offers students an opportunity to explore the potential of digital technology to deliver messages to target audiences. Using Blippar students can bring two-dimensional graphics to life with their own images, audio-visual and audio content.

The technology is freely available to educators, educational publishers and cultural institutions. Students can access the free Blippar app using smartphones and tablets.

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