The Anglo-Dutch Wars: the world-changing conflicts you’ve (probably) never heard of!

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26 October | 1.00pm - 4.30pm
£15 (£10 for RMG Members)
National Maritime Museum
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Join us for a study afternoon on the Stuart period, featuring talks, a panel discussion and a tour of our new gallery.

We’ve all heard of the Wars of the Roses, the Spanish Armada and the Civil Wars. How many of us are familiar with the Anglo-Dutch Wars or know about the infamous ‘Raid on the Medway’, one of the Royal Navy’s most embarrassing defeats?

These ferocious clashes between Europe’s maritime superpowers of the 17th century had a profound impact on both the English and the Dutch, with major repercussions across the globe. To celebrate the opening of our new Tudor and Stuart Seafarers gallery, historian Rebecca Rideal will explore these game-changing wars. What caused them? What were their political, religious, social and economic repercussions? How did they shape the imperial ambitions of the English and Dutch? What did famous diarist Samuel Pepys have to say about them?

This study afternoon will include a lecture, a curator’s tour of the Tudor and Stuart Seafarers gallery, and a lively panel discussion with Q&A. This one-off event, open to anyone with an interest in history, will offer participants a unique insight into three fascinating conflicts.

Rebecca is a historian of 17th-century England and the author of 1666: Plague, War and Hellfire. She has contributed to many radio and television documentaries, including The Invention of the Netherlands (Radio 4), Great Fire 350 (BBC4), Private Lives of Monarchs (Yesterday) and Stitch in Time (BBC4). Her chapter on the Anglo-Dutch Wars features in RMG’s recent publication, Tudor and Stuart Seafarers: The Emergence of a Maritime Nation 1485-1707.