Plan your school visit

There can be a lot to think about when organising a school trip - our useful visit guides for teachers contain helpful to-do lists to ensure you make the most of your visit to the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Pre-booking is essential.

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Help with risk assessments

As the needs of every group are different, group leaders will need to complete their own risk assessments for each visit. To assist you with this, we have provided an example which can be used to inform a full assessment.

Risk assessment guidelines

Make a preliminary visit

In order to work out practical details and become familiar with the layout of the Royal Observatory facilities, we advise teachers and group leaders to visit prior to bringing students.

Entrance for teachers making preliminary visits is free of charge.

Contact our Bookings team:

Tel: +44 (0)20 8312 6608


Getting here

We are located in Zone 2, 20 minutes from central London by DLR or rail. Parking is limited in Greenwich so please use public transport if possible. Whether you are arriving by coach or on public transport we have useful information about parking and walking times.

Making your booking

The 2019/20 school sessions are now open for booking.

If you have decided what you want to do on your visit then you are ready to book:

See Booking and prices

Royal Observatory School sessions and resources

We have a huge selection of resources to choose from that can be used before or after your visit.  They include: classroom activities, videos, blogs, podcasts and even the chance to video chat with an astronomer.

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Extra information


You are legally responsible for your group at all times, whether they are visiting the shop; having lunch; in a planetarium show, workshop, science theatre show or looking around the galleries. So please ensure that you have sufficient staff with your group throughout the visit:
  • EYFS/KS1 – 1 adult per 5 students 
  • KS2 - 1 adult per 8 students
  • KS3 and KS4 - 1 adult per 10 students
  • Post-16 – 1 adult per 16 students.

Arrival and departure

On arrival, you will be greeted by a member of our schools' hosting team, who will provide you with orientation and take you to a place where you can store bags and coats.
You may visit the Planetarium foyer to collect bags and coats at the end of your programme, before you leave the Royal Observatory. Note that if you intend to visit the historic site you may leave your bags and coats and collect them later.

Storage facilities for bags and coats

Bags and coats are stored in cages in the Planetarium Foyer for groups who have booked a lunch space, with one cage used for bags (lunches) and another for coats.
At lunch time you are responsible for transporting the cage in which lunches are stored to the Activity Space which also serves as our lunch room. These cages must return to the Planetarium foyer after lunch.
The space is permanently occupied, so possessions are secure. However, many students like to take small bags and valuables with them.

Lunch facilities

If you require a lunch space, please make sure you have booked one prior to your visit. Lunch facilities are provided in the Activity Space, situated on the first floor of the Astronomy Centre. Capacity is limited and groups must adhere strictly to the lunchtime listed on the Visit Schedule. Please ensure the lunchroom is left clean and tidy after use.
Hot drinks and food are available for teachers in the Observatory café. However, please note that you are legally bound to ensure that the requisite number of teachers remain with your groups.
Older students are welcome to make purchases from the café. In good weather, many groups choose to enjoy a picnic in Greenwich Park.

Toilet facilities

The main toilets are on the lower ground floor of the Astronomy Centre, next to a temporary exhibitions gallery. A disabled toilet is available next to the lunch room (Activity Space) for emergencies or use during lunch time. An early morning toilet stop for your school is advised before programmes commence.

Visiting the shop

The Royal Observatory shop is also on the lower ground floor of the Astronomy Centre. If you would like to visit the shop you are advised to do so at the end of your visit. You are strongly advised not to visit the shop just prior to your planetarium show, as show start times cannot be delayed to accommodate students in the shop.


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