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Cutty Sark
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Come and join Cutty Sark’s resident rigging team and have a go at actually moving the ship!

Whilst you're unlikely to ‘cut and run’, you can still make sure you know the ropes and learn what made Cutty Sark the fastest ship of its day.

These hands-on activities are open to all ages, and run regularly throughout the school holidays. Find out more about what's on offer and how to take part below, and check with staff on arrival to find out which sessions are running.

Move the ship sessions include...

A child plays on deck on Cutty Sark

Mizzen royal — learn how to use the ropes to move the top yard of mizzen mast

A 'yard' on a ship is a horizontal wooden pole that supports the sails. By pulling on ropes placed along the deck, sailors could move the yards and position the sails to make the most of the winds.

The 'mizzen' mast on Cutty Sark is the mast at the rear of the ship. The 'royal' is the sail right at the top of the mast, so when you take part in this activity make sure to look up!

Historic photograph of a man taking a nap by the docks. He's resting on a capstan, with ships and cranes in the background

Capstan — turn the capstan to raise anchor

A capstan is a machine on board ships that helps sailors wind ropes and raise or lower heavy objects.

On board Cutty Sark, large wooden bars are inserted into the capstan to help push it round and haul the anchor in. So don't just stand there watching: grab hold and start pushing!


Load the cargo

Hoist the cargo and carefully position it so that it will go into the hatch.

Cutty Sark didn't just carry tea. Anything and everything went into the hold to make the voyage worth it, from candles and coal to bottled beer, toys... and even pianos!

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Captain Woodget and kids with ropes

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