Lloyd's list - do we need the latest?


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If you've visited the reading room here at the Caird Library (or if you've read our excellent Lloyd's research guides) you'll know that we have a complete run of this world-famous shipping newspaper from 1779 on.
But, did you know that from 1933 we also have it on microfilm, AND that we still subscribe to the print edition of the paper, published daily? The microfilm comes every six months and can be used in the repropgraphics room next to the E-library. The print edition comes daily and is kept in the reading room, and discarded after six months. And there's also the website, accessible from the E-library.
The thing is, we're not sure that the current print edition is used enough for us to keep subscribing. Most of our readers are more interested in the historical Lloyd's list, for information on merchant navy ship histories and the departures of passenger vessels for family history.
Anyone care to comment? Is it enough to have the microfilm version every six months? Are we being simply sentimental by continuing our daily subscription to the current Lloyd's list? Let us know what you think.
Renee (Digital Resources Librarian)