Longitude will be punk'd

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We've mentioned a few times that we're working on an exhibition on the longitude story, which will open next summer, but we have some other projects in mind for 2014 as well. The first is called Longitude Punk'd and will involve a steampunk 'takeover' of the Royal Observatory.

To kick it off, the Museum has commissioned eight UK steampunk artists – Robert Rankin, Herr Döktor, Dr Geof, Jema Hewitt, Major Thaddeus Tinker, Karen Grover, Yomi Ayeni and Wyn Griffiths – to create works inspired by the ideas submitted to the Board of Longitude. We've met with them a number of times and they're already busy working on their designs.

Our steampunk collaborators

To give everyone a chance to come up with their own ideas, we've also just announced The Longitude Punk’d Competition for the Encouragement of the Arts of Longitudinal Steampunking. The judging will be according to four categories  – Inspired by Longitude; Aesthetics; Craftsmanship; and Spirit of Steampunk – and the winners' work will exhibited in the exhibition. And to get your creative juices flowing, have a look at some of the objects in the NMM collection that are connected with the Board of Longitude, at the newly digitised Board of Longitude archive, and some other objects we think think capture the spirit of the period.

More details of the competition will be announced in October via the Longitude Punk'd web pages. It's time to get creative!