Marathon blog #4 Exploring London

By Diane Prosser

I'm running the marathon for Cutty Sark because I care about our nation’s rich maritime heritage and the need to conserve it for future generations. I work in the Learning Team at the National Maritime Museum, and it’s great working with a creative team developing memorable learning experiences for all ages. Greenwich is full of amazing learning opportunities, Cutty Sark being one. I think everyone remembers their school trips as children and it's lovely to see young people experiencing this in Greenwich today.


Unlike the other runners in team Cutty Sark, this is my first marathon. I took up running in the last few years out of impatience with public transport and urge to get home from work quicker on dark winters’ evenings. Running soon turned into an enjoyable pastime and rather than just running from A to B I'd run and explore London.

I love running: early in the morning at sunrise, the anonymity of running at night and the invigorating feeling of running in the cold. It's a great way of clearing your head and the best way to start the day.  I'd encourage anyone to start running, you can do it anywhere and the only bit of kit you need is a pair of trainers. The sense of achievement when you've met a goal, a new distance, reached a new landmark is also pretty special.

Tower Bridge during an early morning run.  Tower Bridge during an early morning run.

Living and working in South East London I watch the marathon every year and would always marvel at the distance. It always seemed an incredible feat, definitely beyond my capabilities and even after taking up running the distance never appealed to me. However, after completing a couple of organised races, and with the encouragement of a colleague who described running the London marathon as one of her all-time top 5 experiences, it seemed like the obvious next challenge for me.

My weekly training routine involves three four-mile runs and one long run, increasing the distance by a mile each week.  At weekends I can usually be found running past London’s major landmarks, inadvertently photo bombing tourist's holiday snaps on the way (sorry!). It hasn't been a struggle to motivate myself to do my weekly long run as I have an awesome route along the Thames, down the Southbank, through Westminster, past Buckingham Palace and around Hyde Park.  Along with historic buildings and bridges I pass several historic ships, including HQS Wellington, the Tatershall Castle and a replica of the Golden Hinde.

My plan for the race is to complete the distance hopefully in 4:10. I’m really looking forward to seeing friends and family along the way, I’m hoping their encouragement and support will be comparable to the effect of reaching milestones such as Hyde Park and Kensington Palace during my training. All these landmarks have kept me motivated for weeks and seeing Cutty Sark next week I’m sure will be no exception.

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