The Mary Rose meets the synchrotron


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Last Friday the BBC published a fascinating article about the latest phase of conservation work on Henry VIII's wrecked flagship, the Mary Rose.
The restoration of the Mary Rose is ongoing, and this latest phase involves a fantastic machine called a 'synchrotron', which will use intense rays of light-emitting electrons to analyse the cellular structure of the ship's timbers.
Last year was the 25th anniversary of the lifting of the Mary Rose from its 400-year home on the sea-bed. You can read a brief history of the ship and view images of artefacts recovered from the wreck, on the main museum website.
After that if you fancy knowing more, you can always pop into the Caird Library - as you can imagine we have a wide range of books on the history, construction, and conservation of this historic ship.
Renee (Digital Resources Librarian)