Meet the Greenwich Sea Cadets on board Cutty Sark

Guest blog by the Greenwich Sea Cadets

Welcome aboard sailors! Whether at sea or on land, the Sea Cadets offers young people aged 10-18 amazing opportunities for personal development - by learning new skills and working in teams. We offer an environment where young people find new confidence and inspiration.


Greenwich Sea Cadets are proud to be providing a range of nautical skills for visitors on board Cutty Sark, why not come along and learn essential Seamanship skills?

We will teach you anything from essential knots that you should know if working on a Tall Ship, to how to communicate with a neighbouring ship without technology.


As a Cadet the environment on board Cutty Sark is not an entirely unusual one. Together we learn about the behaviour of everyday life on the ship, and you can participate in Offshore voyages to many different destinations.

We hope you enjoy our take on sailor life and learn a little extra on your visit to Cutty Sark.


The Sea Cadets will be on board every Friday in August. Find out more on our website.