Meet the Judges - Chris Bramley

Ahead of the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year winners announcement on 17 September, we’re catching up with the competition judges. We talked to them about the competition and why they want to be involved. Astronomy Photographer of The Year, Judges on judging day Chris Bramley Chris Bramley is the Editor of Sky at Night Magazine. A journalist for over 10 years, he been with Sky at Night Magazine since it launched in June 2005, where he has forged his passion for astronomy and observing the night sky. "Part of what I love about the competition is that just by looking at the pictures, you become aware of some of the most ancient and awesome processes in the Universe. As a judge you try and include as many as possible: that stunning picture of a comet showing an icy left-over from the birth of the Solar System, unchanged for billions of years; that capture of a vast nebular cloud in all its sculptural beauty, an object tens of lightyears across and the light from which takes thousands of years to reach us here on Earth. Or my personal favourite, globular clusters - huge concentrations of aged stars packed in incredibly dense swarms. And what a way to become aware of them: quite apart from the fascinating scientific stories they embody, the astrophotos in the competition have a transfixing beauty all of their own. I find myself becoming lost in the view they give of our Universe, mindful of their artistry and contemplating the science they contain – which is a pretty good state of mind to be in!" The winners will be announced on twitter, live from the ceremony on 17 September. See a selection of shortlisted images here.