Name that tune!

We have a rather lovely musical toy pig in our collection, a survivor from the Titanic. Last year we were able to look inside it for the first time, using Nikon Metrology’s x-ray computed tomography  – we have now been able to study its musical mechanism in great depth, allowing us to play the pig’s tune for the first time in living memory.

Scan of the pig and the music box inside it

The scan revealed the pig’s curly tail (thought lost) was actually stuffed inside it and it will soon be reinstated before going back on display. One mystery remains though – what is the tune that the toy pig plays? Legend has it that it’s a Brazilian dance, the Maxixe, so we are putting to the public to name that tune.

Can you help us name that tune?

Listen to the tune

If you think you know what it may be share it with us in the comment section below.