The Queen’s House Carnival: Youth Takeover

The Queen’s House, once known as the House of Delights, was built as a place for enjoyment, frivolity and rip-roaring parties dating back to the 1630s. However do not be mistaken in thinking that the wild days of the Queen’s House are in the past.

Today Royal Museums Greenwich still breathes life into Inigo Jones’ classical building by hosting weddings, music recitals and after-hours events.

Image of young people in the Queen's House
2017 Youth Takeover
Our next big house party will take place on Thursday 26 July designed exclusively for and by young people. The Museum’s Youth Collective has spent the past few months planning and preparing a youth takeover of the house. They’ve designed The Queen’s House Carnival – a vibrant party celebrating the diversity and hidden histories of the house.

Image of young people in the Queen's House
Performers from Lotus Dance and Halley Academy (formerly Corelli College)
The Queen’s House Carnival will platform local young talent featuring live performances by Poetic Unity, Taru Arts, N8tive, Tropical Mas, and many others. On the night there will be competitions, food & drink and an underground DJ-set to bring the party to a climactic close.

Image of young people in the Queen's HousePhoto booth courtesy of Showtime Photo Booth

This event is FREE and open to any young people aged 14-21. Gone are the days when you needed a royal invite to enter the House of Delights – today the delights are yours to behold!

Book your tickets for The Queen’s House Carnival in advance.