See the International Space Station & Space Shuttle


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The Space Shuttle Atlantis successfully docked with the International Space Station today - and you can see them fly overhead for yourself. The pair are astonishingly bright - all you need to do to see them is to look up at the right time!
You can see the space station rising in the West, flying over the South, before heading towards the East. It crosses the entire night sky in about 5 minutes. Remember - if it flashes, it's an aircraft, but if it has a constant brightness, then you are looking at a satellite. To confirm that you have seen a satellite, keep watching to see if it suddenly disappears into the shadow of the Earth.
The following table gives the (approximate) times (within 1-2 minutes) when the International Space Station is flying over the UK for the next week.
10 Feb,18:34-18:38 GMT, peak 74° high
11 Feb, 17:20-17:25 GMT, peak 85° high
11 Feb, 18:55-18:58 GMT, peak 44° high
12 Feb, 17:40-17:46 GMT, peak 78° high
12 Feb, 19:15-19:18 GMT, peak 23° high
13 Feb, 18:01-18:06 GMT, peak 48° high
14 Feb, 18:21-18:26 GMT, peak 25° high
16 Feb, 17:27-17:32 GMT, peak 28° high
If you live outside the UK, see for times when the space station can be seen flying over your location.