Selecting images for the Curate the Compass Lounge project

Our Curate the Commons project is moving on apace. Over the past month our participating Flickr users have been “favouriting” and tagging their chosen images. With varied backgrounds and interests everyone has approached this selection process from a different point of view. The next (and potentially trickier) stage will be to narrow down the selection of what goes on display in the Compass Lounge as a group.

Here Nerisha explains her top five picks and why she chose them, we've linked all the image titles back to our Flickr photostream:

Two crab-eater seals on the ice, Weddell Sea
Reproduction ID: P00017
Maker: James Francis Hurley
Date: circa February 1915
Materials: Gelatine dry plate
Henley Collection

The contrast of colour between the seals and ice provide something very interesting for the eye. The ice seems to go on forever in the background and gives you a real sense of the environment.

Camel in Kuwait carrying fuel for cooking
Reproduction ID: PM5322-6
Maker: Alan Villiers
Date: 1938

This photo is simply striking, unusual and makes me wonder how far are the man and his camel travelling? How much food will that amount of fuel cook?

A sailor and his accordion on-board the 'Parma'
Reproduction ID: N61653
Maker: Alan Villiers
Date: 1932–33
Villiers collection

This photograph is interesting as it offers a glimpse of daily life and activities. I like the composition as there is a view of the sea, the boat and at centre the sailor plays his accordion.

Restful days on-board the 'Parma'
Reproduction ID: N61612
Maker: Alan Villiers
Date: 1932–33
Villiers collection

Sailors’ life, basking in the sun. This photograph is beautifully composed, the basking men draw your eye in and you notice the men at the centre of the photograph.

Commercial Dock Pier
Reproduction ID: P27581
Maker: Waldo McGillycuddy Eagar CBE
Date: circa 1914
Eagar Collection

I love the photographer's perspective, a peek into what happens down at the docks. I love the way the photo is 'framed' by the chains.

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