They're here! Steampunk takes over

Our longitude celebrations kicked off in style yesterday with the opening of Longitude Punk'd at the Royal Observatory.

Steampunks-take-over A miscreant bunch gathers for the opening

To give you a flavour of what's been going on, here are a few snaps from the last few days of the installation:

Dr-Geof Dr Geof, awake at last!
Herr-Döktor Herr Döktor perfects his Precise Longitudinal Beacon
Major Thaddeus Tinker Major Tinker dresses Captain Hieronymous Tancre
Jema-Hewitt Putting the finishing touches on Emilly Ladybird's constellation dress
Karen Lady Elsie with one of her costumes, a sumptuous observing suit
Longitude-Punk The Alchemist, Lady Raygun and Robert Rankin check there's still time
Globe-of-dislocation-arrive The Alchemist and Citizen Griffdawg retrieve part of the Globe of Dislocation from the back of a van

See you soon at the Observatory!