Trafalgar Tales: a visit to Royal Museums Greenwich from St George’s Primary and Nursery School, Great Yarmouth


On 1 March 2017, sixty pupils from St George’s Primary and Nursery School travelled all the way from Great Yarmouth to take part in the Trafalgar Tales literacy workshop at the National Maritime Museum. The pupils spent the day immersing themselves in the sea-sprayed world of tall ships and Nelson’s navy and even packed in a visit to the Cutty Sark.
All this activity resulted in the creation of wonderful stories from the children once they were back in Great Yarmouth. Read their tales below.
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One day there lived a boy and his name was Alfie. He was 19 years old and he had straight black hair and blue eyes.  Alfie also came from Britannia.  Alfie rely wanted to join the Navy he always asked his parents but they said no.  One day finally his dad said yes so of he went to the Navy.

Firstly he was just a cook he actually quite liked his job as a cook he cooked all types of food.  He cooked dried beef and pickled onions also red cabbage. The ship that he fought on was called Victory.  On the ship when the guns and canons went off he was sometimes scared but he tried to face his fears.

Sometimes Alfie was cheeky so he got beat. The ship was very bumpy and shaky. So that made life on board the ship to do stuff. Alfie worked hard on the ship even though he got beat sometime. One day when he was loading a canon he got hurt in the leg so his friend took him to the surgeon, to get better the surgeon had to cut your clothes. After the visit to the surgeon Alfie was all better.

On the day of the battle lots of people were killed and injured.  On the day Alfie’s thing to do was to fight the French and Spanish defenders. Alfie also helped to load the canons.

When the Navy was over Alfie still lived and he was a good fighter. Alfie played board games with his friends such as chess and other games Alfie was a good fighter and lived a good life.

By Aaliyah

Cat-o'-Nine-Tails, © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.

Josephine has 2 brothers and a mum, dad.  She is 14 years old and she was born in 1785.  She has long brown hair and she is a musician. She has a black shirt and a silver shirt. She lives in Poland. She knows a bit of English.

One year later,

She joined the Navy she joined the victory ship her job was being a carpenter. She fixes holes in the ship. She has to fix a lot of holes

In her spare time she plays the drum and plays chess with her friends.

On the day of the battle a lady died sadly she got shot with a canon from the other ship.

Her role on the day was fixing holes in the ship .The ship had a lot of holes in it and she got a lot of splinters in her fingers.

After the battle Nelson died but some people survived and some people died and she was one of the people that survived.

By Aleksandra


There was a boy called Yassin, he came from Poland he had 1 mum 1 dad and 2 baby cousins one year later he was a cook on a boat called victory, he made ship biscuits and drinks.

In his spare time he played lots of chess and his dad is a good footballer.

The day of the battle I survived the battle there was lots of bleeding lots of canons, gun shots and murdering on the ship.

“It was nasty!”

We took 10 ships down in a week in 5 years altogether I liked the navy they were a good team

Yesterday, my team had a really long rest, we got our muskets ready to fire. My crew burnt a really big ship down the big ship had lots of enemies on board the ship. The best thing about the navy we had sharp swords and we had lots of food and drinks it was the most frightening thing in my life.

“It was the best thing ever!”

By Alex


Once there was a boy called George he was 14 years old and lived with his dad and his dog Pepper in Madrid and were very wealthy and had lots of money. George’s mum died when he was only 11 years old and since then he wanted to join the Spanish Navy and be a captain but his dad told him that he was too young and he didn’t want to lose his son as well as his wife.

One year later, after begging his dad so much he convinced him to go to the navy and fight, he was commanded to be a master at arms (keeps control of sailors on the Victory ship.)

George had a very good life on board and was very confident; the marines always listened to him. Before he went onto the boat he thought it was quite easy but actually it was pretty hard.

He ate a pound of biscuit every day and had some grog. In his spare time he liked to play chess and play the guitar. George also had five friends that he liked playing music with Beatriz S., Thor, Nicole, Mariana and Melanie and they all play a different instrument.

Some days later, it was the great day the battle of Trafalgar and George was very nervous he had been practising for ages. Later, he found out something that made him even more nervous! There were 27 English ships and 25 Spanish ships and he thought he was going to lose. The battle started really well for the English people they killed everyone straight away and only George and the cook were left “Come on don’t give up!” said George still confidently.

After some minutes, George and the cook were back in the game and they killed Nelson and soon the whole team. Later, they were jumping in the air with happiness. “We made it!” said George. “We made it!” They were very happy and tired so decided to go to sleep.

After the Navy, George decided to go back home and be an archaeologist to look for animal bones. When he got home his dad was very pleased to see him and they all lived a good life.

By Beatriz D

A long time ago, a girl called Beatriz ds was 18 years old she had 11 brothers and 15 sisters. She wanted to join the army but there is a problem…. her mum this what she said “If you want to join the army you have to be a cook”.

“But I don’t want to be a cook I want to be a Admiral” exclaimed Beatriz.

When I went on board I met a few friends called Keisi, Karly, Thor, Sid, Mafalda, Beth, Beatriz S and Nicole.  After the captain said “you are the new Admiral!”.

My cooks made me a prawn bread fish spinach meal and to drink was rum.

We also played some board games and after we went to check if any fighters were there.

After they came to us and started fighting.

The French and Spanish jumped on board and started shooting one of my friends. Luckily one of my cooks picked up a gun and starting shooting the French and Spanish .When the attackers lost there members they joined to together.

I got shot but my nurse saved me by repapering a new leg and I went there and then I started fighting.

After 2 months the boat crashed and only me and some friends were alive. After I retired my job because I didn’t want to die so I gave my job to Bethany and now she is a admiral.

By Beatriz S

Patch Box, © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.

A long time ago, there was a girl called Elisabeth she was 18 she had one brother called John her mum and dad were a bit bossy, her dad was called Josh and her mum was called Sophie

Elisabeth really wanted to go to the navy but her said “no” so two months later she asked again and her mum said “if you want to go to sea you have to be a cook”

“but I don’t want to be a cook I want to an admiral” said Elisabeth, then her mum put the poker face on so Elisabeth said “fine, yes I will go to the navy and be a cook”.

So one year later she went to the navy she was one the ship the victory and she plays Pictionary quite a lot so her favourite game is now Pictionary it used to be charades.

She has spent 2 months on the ship and she has 1 friend called Alice she is an admiral on the ship. On Monday Elisabeth almost lost her leg she was being cheeky “Arrrrrrrrrrrrg” said Elisabeth

“I am going to get you scurvy dog” said the moody captain,

“I only ate some of the left overs “Elisabeth screamed.  So she ran away and hid in the Admiral’s cabin Alice said “what are you doing here by the way I am busy”.

“Shhh” said Elisabeth “pretend I am not here”

“ok” said Alice

4 months later, Alice heard a thump this was late at night everybody rushed out of there cabins, Alice spotted a ship it was French, she saw a cannon coming towards there ship she shouted “stand by, the French are here they think they can make a fool out of us but they can’t, remember Nelson are hero expects every man to do his duty.”

The battle didn’t go as well the crew thought it would. Are captain died. My role on the day of the day of the battle was just helping people really, I got to help the captain but he didn’t survive so because I done so well Alice made me captain !

By Bethany


Down in the sea there lived a pretty mermaid, she had nice long brown hair she just wanted to be happy but she was quite weird because she was always changing her mind.

One day she said “I want to join the Navy” So she went without no one knowing. She really liked the ship it was called victory so at first she was looking for a job and she thought why not cook and so she did. So she really wanted to see her family too so she went to the telescope and tried to see her family oh silly Maria she forgot that her family lives under the sea but she said “oh silly me how could I forget they must be under the sea feeding the dolphins” and they actually were doing that.

She drank a potion which made her turn into a human.

“I hate cooking it stinks” “I want to fight its not fair everyone gets to fight accept me.

The next morning, she woke up early to talk to the captain to see if she could fight “No, fighting is not for girls” said the captain.

So she decided to go back home and live with her family.

By Catelene


Once upon a time there was a boy called Roddy.

He lived with his dad and mum and his too sisters and Daniel was Roddy best friend. They lived in London.

Daniel and Roddy asked Roddy dad to join the navy.

Dad said yes Roddy was driving the ship.

They found the French people they shot the canons one of the French people shot Roddy in the arm.

Roddy went to the hospital. They gave Roddy a wooden arm. Roddy went back to his house his mum and dad were crying his sisters were laughing one of the French people came to kill Roddy family.

Daniel came to fight the French person. The French person died. Dad came and said what the hell happened here dad said to Daniel to go to the ship we need to kill the French people.

Dad was driving the ship they found the French one of the French people shot dads arm. Dad had

Difficulties at birthing dad had died Daniel Saied to go back to London Daniel should dads body to Roddy and mum. Mum and Roddy started crying. The hole family went to dads fumarole.

Roddy said to Daniel to kill those stupid French people. Roddy was driving the ship they saw the French people Daniel picked up a gun and shot the captain and London is Victorious.

By Daniel


A long time ago there lived a boy called Frank, he was 16 and lived with 6 brothers and sisters. He was rich and had loads of friends.

Frank wanted to join the navy so he had a conversation with his dad. “Dad can I please join the navy.”

“no you are not”

“mum can I join the navy”

“Frank no.”

Frank went to see his friend and his friend said “guess what I get to join the navy.”

“Lucky for you I don’t my mother and father never disagree on something”

Frank said sadly “oh, well I’m not going if you don’t” “try and persuade your father.”

Bye he said sadly.

“Dad please let me join”

“okay you can join only if you promise you’ll be okay.”

“Thanks dad”


“George guess what, I can join”

“really that’s great I don’t have to quit”


By Isabel


Once upon a time, there was a boy called Daniel and a girl called Victoria. They swapped characters. Victoria really wanted to go on a ship. She asked her dad and he said “yes”.

She goes on a boat and she meets a boy called Robert.  After Victoria fell in love with Robert.

She gets married with Robert on a boat and after she chucks flowers in the sea. They have a baby boy they call him John and he grows older and turns 18 years old and asks his dad to go to the battle and his dad says yes.

The next day the Germans thought John was the captain and shot his right arm with a shotgun .He went to the surgeon and she said “He is dead!”

After his dad and mum cry.

By Kaitlynn


Once, there was a 18 year old. She lived in Greenwich- London, she lived with her parents who are of them called Anna and Adam .She also lives with her Brother who was called Jamie.

She was Spanish but she didn’t have a Spanish accent like her parents and Brother. Her best friend was a girl called Elizabeth [who was also 18].They were best friends because they had known each other since they were 2. They had known each other since they were 2 because Alice was 2 when she moved to great England.

One week later, Alice decided she wanted to join the Navy. It only took her 1 hour to make her parents let her join it. She was delighted when Anna and Adam told her this fantastic news.

1 month later, on her 19th birthday Alice joined the navy. She only got in the Navy because she dressed up as her Brother Jamie. She became Vice Admiral Alice. [Basically Nelsons helper]. Elizabeth was a cook on H.M.S VICTORY.

The boat she sailed on was called H.M.S VICTORY. It had 5 big sales that were 500 metres tall. Alice said to herself “Wow, when Nelson dies I will be in charge of 27 big boats like this . One is even bigger, I think that one is called PRINCE!” There are around 1000 people on each English ship.

The best thing that Alice did on board was play chess. When they did play chess it was very cramped because there was up to 5 people on each team. When Elizabeth had finished making dinner she came down to sit next to Alice.

It is the day of the battle of Trafalgar today and it is obviously hard for me because I am Vice Admiral and people kept coming up to me and saying “I have done this so what shall I do now.” I just said to them “Carry on fighting because when the Captain has parked the boat I will also be fighting.”

When Alice was actually fighting she was really happy because every second, minuet, hour and day Nelson was by her side. It was very hard to move around because I was wearing the same clothes as Nelson. They were really heavy. Sadly on the day Nelson died. Alice got injured but she didn’t die, so she said “Bye” to her vice admiral job and “Hello” to her Admiral job!

Alice’s role on the day was good because she done her usual job with Nelson by her side even when he needed to go to the loo. Like I said, on the day Nelson sadly passed away and when Elizabeth’s Mum and Dad heard the news they thought, Alice is now the proper Admiral, so Elizabeth can be vice admiral!

Her parents then said this is wonderful news to Alice and she accepted this job was absolutely amazing with Nelson but even better with Elizabeth.

Her life after the navy was quite sad because her Anna and Adam had passed away but she had 2 adorable children called Maddie and Bobby. They both had blue eyes but Maddie had blonde hair and Bobby had brown hair. She thought her life after the navy would have been sad and lonely but luckily she had Elizabeth, Jamie, Maddie, Bobby and all of the other people that she knew to keep her company.

By Karly


The Death of Nelson, 21 October 1805. © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.

A very long time ago, there lived a rich girl called Jasmine she was 15 years old she had 4 brothers and 3 sisters she has a step mum and dad she also lives in America. 2 years later she joined the Navy when she was 17. In her spare time she ate food such as egg, tea, tomato, crumbs, bread, grog and dried biscuit you actually eat them for your diet. When she was in the ship she worked as a medic but she didn’t get enough food so that when she sleeps in her hammock she wakes up and tries to get extra food but the captain is always angry.

It’s always crazy on the ship people fight so much such as cannons shooting in peoples head, people stabbing knives in their heart ( they are then definitely dead ), mostly everybody shoots people in the forehead but she had to try and take the bullet out of their head . She sometimes had to do injections for people if they have a virus of something.

She really couldn’t believe that she survived in the battle she now knows what its like to be on a ship. So she went to work as a vet.  She really wanted to keep a pet but couldn’t get one when she finished her first day at work she had 2 weeks of so she had a flight to America to see her step family and everything to them about what happened everything was amazing.

By Keisi


Vans aponatime vas a Boa kold Billy vas livs in London Billy hev no Sistel ‘l and Bladuls Billy

Van dea ask dad ken goo to a paut dad sed no ogea sad Billy ke goo to a paot .

18 years old dad sad yes in a Billy spel tim Billy play chest and Billy loos aot.van dea.

Vas a ship Billy sed a kamtin and Billy.

Vas shot in a leg dagtul kat a billy leg and.

Vas vamouv a vodin leg.

Billy vas beg in London mam vas klain.

By Kostas


Once a upon time there lived a boy called Nelson he was 19 years old. He live in great Yarmouth and he live with his mum dad baby sister and brother Nelson cloths are a blue cot a blue and black hat his shoes were black he was wearing a pair of medals One day he said to his dad can I go out to sea his dad said oh no you will get hurt. One year later he said yes son you can what is your name is for your ship called victory said nelson that’s a good name. said good by mum and dad his boat was yellow. And hours for the canons. He sailed his boat to London when he gets off the boat he comes with a captain off the boat. When he got back on the boat he plays chess and in his free time he plays a whistle and he eats dry beef and he drinks grog. When he gets home his dad was dead and his mum is not dead and his brother and sister is not dead as well.

By Leah


There was once a girl called Nicole. She lived with her mum, dad, baby sister, baby brother, chiuawa and cat. She also was from Portugal.

One year later, Nicole joined the ship called victory she was a cook she makes salted beef, biscuits and grog.

On her spare time she plays chess against other people and sees who plays violin better with her friends.

On the day of the battle, France and Spain started to attack us. So I started to through boms at them. After, we had defeted them more started to attack us so we continued attacking. But when I looked back I saw Nelson with out an arm. We just continued until we finished the battle. When we finished the battle other people took Nelson to the surgeon I done some food for Nelson when I finished I gave the food to him.

Then I had to go home to my family. But I was sad for Nelson because he died after he didn’t have an arm. When I got to my house they told me that the chiuawa was going to have babies. While I was seeing the chiuauawas I hugged my mum, dad, baby sister, baby brother and the chiuawa that had babies. After we called the chiuawas Pepper, Sasha and Max. Then I went to see the cat and she was also having babies we called the baby Gigget. Then my mum and dad said that they had a surprise for me it was a hamster. My mum said she had the hamster a long time so it was having babies to and it is today. So then it was the momement the baby was going to be born. After, we called the hamster Ginger. Then I went to get all the pets and hugged them all.

By Mariana


One upon a time there was a girl called Samantha and she lives in Switzerland. She was born in 1785.  Samantha has 11 brothers and 3 sisters. Samantha is 35 years old. Samantha is a very kind girl. She loved her family and is good at fighting.

When she joined the Navy she was a part of a ship called the mighty lion and Samantha’s mum wants her to be a Captain but Samantha wants to be a cook and she is now a cook Samantha makes biscuits cheese vegetables pork beef oatmeal butter fish bread and chicken. They drink water wine grog and alcohol.

Samantha makes lovely food for everyone and all day making breakfast supper dinner and dessert kind of. She gets so tired that her arms hurt so much and allot. She always makes sure that everyone is there and nobody starves of course she doesn’t want that of course.

Samantha grabs a gun because she wants to help out her team Samantha is mad because Nelson is shot and he is dead but…5 minutes her team won and they were very happy but they didn’t want to celebrate oh well. She was very proud of her and her team she trained allot at home.

When she came back home she found out her mum was dead and she felt so sad and she feels sad and happy and she never wanted her mum dead but she understands your family has to die and then you are left. Samantha is very sad she doesn’t want to play or play with her friends.

By Mary


'A Sailor fishing off a gun [on the] Pallas' [Bray album] © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.

In Spain, lives a boy called Billy. He lived with his mum, dad, 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Billy was a rich boy he had short black hair.  Billy joined the Navy as a cook he cooked delicious food for people.  He was a nice person he helped people.  The ship was called Britannia.  The best food that Billy could look better was onions, pickled red, cabbage and ship biscuits.

In his spare times he played board games and he played a piano, violin and a guitar.

On the day of the battle Billy was scared he could hear people screaming and he could see people dying and Billy was nervous and angry because he could see people screaming and he could see people dying and Billy was nerves and angry because he could see people taking stuff from the ship.

My role of the day is to cook and I like my role of the day because its fun and it each day helps me to cook better.

By Melanie


Far far away, there was a boy called Dick, he wanted to join the Navy. He had black hair, white shorts, blue jacket, white stripy black shoes. He has one mum, 3 sisters and 2 brothers. He lives near the beach. He is 12 year old. 3 year later.

His 15 year old, his mum let him join the Navy. His job was a sailor. His ship name was fireball he liked the name.

In his spare time on the ship, he relaxed by listening to the sea and righting in his diary what happened on that day.

What he does as a sailor is climbing up high or working hard on the deck.

The battle came quick, he was still on the crows nest. The rope to clime down. So he had to jump down. He jumped on the enemy he was happy that he killed at least one of the enemy’s he said “yesssssssssss”. He had something on his arm he called the surgeon “its just a little cut on your arm” said the surgeon.

One day later, he was climbing up the crows nest he saw a mountain in the sea Dick shouted “we are in DANGER !” they bumped into the mountain and bumped his head, but it was not fine. He just had a little bruis .

They all went back home. When he got home he hugged his mum, Dick said “I’m never ever joining Navy agen!”(Because he didn`t want to fight agen) but he still like to splash in the sea. Dick became normal like he was. That was a lesson for him, that live can be harder for others.

By Milena


My name is Mike I come from Portsmouth, I’ve got 5 brothers and sisters, I am brave in my family my family’s favourite colour is red even me.

My best friend is called Osvaldo. I joined the navy when I was 16. I was born in 1780.

On board the next day, I ate my food and stuff like that. I am a marine because I am brave, and It’s also my favourite thing I love it. I fighted in some wars as well.

Yesterday, my life on board was very good, I sometimes got sick on board.  I heard story’s they were really scary! I had to keep order and look for any ships, It was very hard but okay at the same time.

The day of the battle was incredibly hard! They hit are ship I nearly died, we were against Napoleon we defeated him in 4 hours! Admiral Nelson in the war I was surprised.

My role on the day was, very hard because there was canons every where. I had to keep order, even when they where shouting. One got really close to me we fighted for one hour. It was really hard to fight him, he was a talented warrior.

Life after the navy was way calm, I had a wife called Mia. I had some children I met my family and we had a good time together.

By Mike


George is 15 years old he lives in Great Yarmouth with his mum, dad, 3 brothers, 3 sisters. He is really rich he has blue eyes brown hair he always has rich clothe.

Then when he was 16 he joined the Navy and he went to the ship Britannia. He was a cook on the ship because he likes to cook on the ship and at home that’s why he told Nelson if he could do that job.

On his spare time he likes to play the Violin, chess and cards with his friends.

On the day of the battle of Trafalgar we kept on shooting bombs and guns. Nelson got saved because I pushed him off of that position because then he would of died. I was really scared because the battle was still going and the other team was shooting bombs and loads of gun bullets to our ship.

When I went to get the bombs there was a sailor pointing a gun at me and I thought that he was pretending to be in our team but he was actually in the other team but I threw the bomb on his head for me not to die and he die, I told Nelson about that and he was really disappointed. We continued fighting the other team got little boats and 20 people would go on them and there would be 2 boats or more one of the boats got on our ship but we killed them.

When the battle was finished only 40 men and 10 women died, we were really sad because they were really nice to us, Nelson or I didn’t die and we won, we were so happy for winning.

By Nicole


One day, there was a boy called Goku Jr he was 18 years old. He was poor and he wore some old cloths. Two years later, he was 20 years old. He joined the navy and his ship was called Royal kings. His job was a captain. When Goku Jr is off he play chess, he sings and eats. He eats dates, red pickle cabbages and some salted beef.

The day has come cannons ready, guns ready and swords are ready…..GOOOOOO people shooting, cannon blasting, blood exploding, sword attacking and more.

After that Goku Jr went home safely but the bad thing was he was hungry and the good thing was he was RICH!!!!!!! So he bought a new house, food and more.

By Ossy


Once, there was a boy called Danny he lived in Spain he lived with Mother, Father, Brother, sister. Danny was 20 years old. One day Danny thought he would asked if he could go to sea. His dad said yes and what he could do.

Danny joined the Navy as a soldier. He had to wear a red and white coat, white trousers. He ate cheese, pork, beef, biscuits and vegetables.

On board he played chess and cards games he also practiced his fighting. He kept a look out for other ships and kept good order.

On the day of the battle, the shot 32 pounds of gun powder with a canon. At the end of the battle he got shot on the right arm and his family died to except his mum so he helped his mum after he died. His mum was sad and then his mum died.

By Roddy


Somewhere near New Jersey, was a boy called Phonix. He is 14,  Phonix is rich and his mum and dad are alive. Phonixs’ friends are Bea DS, Thor, Bea- S and Nicole. He loves eating fish and drinking tea.

When he convinced his dad, he was 16 and his ship is called ‘Un Defeat- able’. His role was an admiral. Beatriz DS is a captain, Beatriz-S is a master at arms, Thor is a marines and Nicole is a cook.

In his spare time, he likes playing the drum and plays chess. Phonix also likes eating bicuts. The cleaner cleans and for a fact I know that he calls his sponge ‘Bob’.

When the French and the Spanish tried to attack my ship, everyone was prepared to fight. The other ships of mine needed my help so I told them what to get ready and we had the fight!

When I got old and so where my friends we where still in ok shape except Bea-S because her leg got shot and got it replaced with a wooden leg.

By Siddhant


In the early 17ns lived a boy who had long hair, his name is Ossy, he lives near the beach. His eyes are blue and green. His family is poor. He begged his mum to go to sea but his mum said NO. after a few years his mum let him go to sea. When he got on ship Ossy’s job on board was a captain. His. But then he started to get used to it. If you didn’t listen to ossy you would get beaten with a wip, or sometimes you were pushed off board. ossy to entertain him self drinks grog and he plays board games.

They used to set cannons on fire to burn the enemy ships.

Ossy’s role on board was being a captain but on the battle of Trafalgar ossy got shot on the arm, one of his enemy’s of his enemy’s cut off his legs and a enemy stabbed him in the heart. Then he died. But they won the battle.

Ossy’s friends Beatriz s, Beatriz ds, sid, rodd y, Alex all missed playing with him. And drinking grog with him. They said that they will never forget him.

By Thor

Once a upon time there was a girl called Trinity and boy called Gabe.

They lived in Great Yarmouth near the sea side. one day Trinity went to the park for a walk. She met a boy called Gabe one month later they get married they kissed they have a wedding part and family. She then threw the flowers.

They kissed again. They now both are bosses. Their mum and dad back to Yarmouth. They drink grog and cheese and crackers. They play chess and snakes and ladders and with the grog they have lemon.

By Trinity