What's all this about del.icio.us?

One of the things you'll see regularly on this blog are the posts called 'links for [date]', or 'Del.icio.us links for [date]'.
But what's so delicious about a link, you may think? Where do these links come from? What is the library doing with these delicious links? Why is it called delicious??
Well I can answer nearly all of these questions right now. (Can anyone help me out with the last one?)
Del.icio.us is a website where you can create an account and save all your favourite websites. So it's transportable - you can login from any computer and find your favourites without needing to remember the web addresses. You can add keywords - called 'tags' - so that you can quickly find the sites you want and group similar sites together. And even better, because del.icio.us is set up to be a social kind of bookmarking, you can also see who else has saved your favourite websites, and what else they've got. You never know, they might have something useful you haven't discovered yet.
Libraries have been doing something similar to this ever since the internet was invented. Visit any library that has a website and I bet you'll see a page called 'recommended websites' or 'recommended links'. Librarians have been recommending internet resources for years. The beauty of del.icio.us though, is that we can all share the links we like: you can recommend to us, we can recommend to you.
The links you'll see in blog posts are the new ones we've added to our Library del.icio.us collection. You can also browse all the Caird Library del.icio.us, or use the tag cloud here in the right hand column of the blog to see what we've tagged under, say family history, or Trafalgar.
Mmm... delicious links. They're so tasty. Enjoy!
Renee (Digital Resources Librarian)