Who’s who at Cutty Sark? Meet Doris

We're introducing you to the crew here at Cutty Sark. Today we meet Doris Mieschbuehler, our Events Account Executive.

The Royal Museums Greenwich has some of the most beautiful sites and buildings in England and they are all of equal beauty and historical importance to Cutty Sark, the last surviving tea clipper. As Event Accounts Executive I run events at Cutty Sark and the museum’s other remarkable venues. 
Working in events is not for the faint hearted. It is a fast paced environment with lots of deadlines. The daily challenges related to events organisation and management are all calling for a smooth solution. The events I am looking after are anything from complex high profile events, product launches to drinks receptions, dinners, weddings and parties.
Cutty Sark is a world class venue and organising an event at a historic site such as Cutty Sark requires careful planning and detailed execution to ensure the venue’s gallery space is preserved. 
Operational aspects related to events management involve a range of skills and activities and I work with accredited event suppliers. I work with light, sound and audio visual technicians, interior designers, the floral decoration teams and caterers. We all work together with our clients to draw up an initial events brief which sets out the arrangements of the event. We do this on site while walking through Cutty Sark and looking at the opportunities the venue offers for a particular event. Quite often events like these require complex security, health and safety and conservation considerations which makes my job exceptionally versatile. 
Cutty Sark, Greenwich copper hull
My favourite part of Cutty Sark is the radiant copper hull that gives the event space in the dry dock a magical touch. The architectural design is spectacular and so is the work of the museum’s conservation team which found a way of preserving the over 900 tone heavy clipper by lifting her up and in so doing managed to display the stunning copper hull. As impressive as all this is, there is nothing that beats the look on the guests’ faces who for the first time step on board Cutty Sark and are exposed to the sheer beauty of the beaming hull.
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