Who's who at Cutty Sark? Meet Family Learning freelancer Annie!

 I’m Annie, one of a team of Family Learning freelancers on board Cutty Sark.

I joined the ship just before it opened back in 2012 to work with the school’s programme and have since migrated across to the Families team. I took the leap from being a full time primary school teacher into the museum world and haven’t looked back. I’m very fortunate to be able to say I adore my job.

Annie (right) on board Cutty Sark Annie (right) on board Cutty Sark


At Cutty Sark we offer a wide range of activities for families, from Pirate Takeovers, Make and Take art activities and a chance to meet the characters from the ship’s history. The main focus of our activities is to encourage families to have fun by spending some quality time together. 20150528_123003 Make and Take art activities are great fun. We’ve made everything from dancing dragons for Chinese New Year, paper plate sea creatures, Indian damru drums and telescopes to use up on the main deck. I always emphasise that these are ‘family’ activities rather than just for children and love seeing everyone creating masterpieces together. I’ve had parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all expressing how therapeutic a bit of crafting can be (and the competition between a group of dads on one occasion was hilarious!). 20150529_150636 Our activities run throughout the year so come and join us for some family fun!

By Annie Dickenson