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28 July 2017

The Maritime Memories Machine – a van themed around the sea – tours England from June to August 2017 and visits sixteen different towns and cities along the way to collect people’s sea stories and memories.

25 July 2017

The Caird Library’s collection of masters’ and mates’ certificates dating from 1850 -1927 (also available via is probably the most well-known example of evidence showing the capabilities of the those in charge of merchant vessels but what happened before 1850? 

19 July 2017
Pupils from Eaton House The Manor School visited the National Maritime Museum on Wednesday 22 February 2017 with the aim of inspiring story writing back at school.  They took...
17 July 2017

On the 21st August this year, the rarest of cosmic events, a total eclipse of the Sun, will cast a shadow across the USA.  In celebration, the Royal Institution is playing host to Professor Frank Close for an evening lecture (Tuesday 25 July, 7-8.30pm) where he will describe why eclipses happen, their role in history and myth and reveal the spellbinding allure of this most beautiful natural phenomenon.  We are pleased to offer a discount of 25% for members of the Royal Observatory off the £14 ticket price when booking here 

13 July 2017

Many of the common seamen of Nelson’s time were not literate, meaning letters of the ‘Lower deck’ are rare. Nelson probably received a great deal of correspondence asking for help or influence of one kind or another, but was his reputation for benevolence towards those that had served under him sometimes exploited or taken advantage of? 

5 July 2017

The Caird Library has recently installed a new display of archive and library material. The theme is Medicine and Health at Sea and reveals the main diseases particularly prominent during long sea voyages. These included scurvy and yellow fever.

30 June 2017
This month, have a look for the Moon beside Jupiter and then near Saturn. (Details given are for London and may vary for other parts of the UK.)   1 July - we have the first...
28 June 2017

Every month, Documentations Officer Claire Denham takes us behind the scenes at Cutty Sark, to give us an insight into the important daily research, documentation and maintenance work that keeps Cutty Sark preserved for many future generations to come.

23 June 2017

One hundred and twelve years ago on the 27 May 1905 the Imperial Japanese Navy achieved a major victory at the Battle of Tsushima, destroying or capturing much of the Russian fleet that had sailed 18,000 nautical miles from the Baltic in an attempt to reinforce the Russian Pacific Squadron at Port Arthur.