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2 May 2013
I have recently been moonlighting somewhat, and taking my blogging focus to The H Word at the Guardian. I have not, though, been neglecting longitude but have, rather, been...


15 April 2013
This weekend was the tenth anniversary of the superb online resource The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913, which has provided many early modern historians with vital...


4 April 2013
Detail from RGO14/44


31 March 2013
Today it seems appropriate to highlight the millennia-long connection between astronomy - so central to the story of the longitude at sea - and Christianity. This arose in...


30 March 2013
Joseph Jérôme Lefrançois de Lalande was the editor of the French Connaissance des Temps and a friend and collaborator of Nevil Maskelyne and other English longitude actors.
18 March 2013
Last summer, despite the rain, our national life was enlivened not only by the Olympics, but also by the Queen’s jubilee. One of the things that struck me during the many...


14 March 2013
Ensisheim meteorite in the town's museum


8 March 2013
A San Francisco marina (© Alexi Baker)
3 March 2013
One of history's coincidences allows me to use this title with impunity. One slight admission, of course, is that I'm talking about a different John Harrison. It was, however...


5 February 2013