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19 October 2007
Hi my name is Richard Axelby and I’m working as a Caird Research Fellow helping out on the early stages of planning for the Indian Ocean Worlds exhibition.
17 October 2007
This summer, the European Space Agency (ESA) reported that the Northwest (or North West) Passage was completely clear of ice for the first time since records began. A BBC...
15 October 2007
Lloyds A large amount of the Lloyds Register of Ships transcribed online. The Lists are one of the most used items in the Library and can give basic information on a ship,...
12 October 2007
CfDS - The Campaign for Dark Skies. An Anti Light Pollution Organisation
11 October 2007
All of the objects mentioned in last month's guide are still visible throughout October.
11 October 2007
I was reading through some web metrics for the blog the other day, and was amused to see that Tanya's post on the ship's biscuit recipe had been discovered several times by...
10 October 2007
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Website of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, incorporating the Royal Naval Museum (and Royal Naval Museum Library) and many other attractions...
8 October 2007
Telegraph: Jason Lewis completes epic world voyage
8 October 2007
As part of the launch of Black History Month recently we had a very special guest reader in the E Library. Beverley East, author and graphologist, read extracts from her new...
6 October 2007
Jason Lewis completed his human-powered circumnavigation at the Royal Observatory, just after 12.30pm today. He and his supporters heaved Moksha, his wooden pedal boat,...