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21 February 2008
Eclipse totale de lune, 21 février 2008 /Total lunar eclipse, February 21 2008 Originally uploaded by Laurence_


21 February 2008


20 February 2008
Hi everybody, my name is May Bo Ching and I am the Asian Gallery Fellow working principally on the Chinese collections of National Maritime Museum (NMM).


19 February 2008
In the early hours of the morning of Thursday 21 February (the night of Wednesday 20 February) there will be a total lunar eclipse. The event will be visible from Western...
19 February 2008
BBC News: Planet-hunters set for big bounty Rocky planets, possibly with conditions suitable for life, may be more common than previously thought in our galaxy, a study has...
16 February 2008
Most sky-watchers will recognise the familiar sight of Orion, the constellation which is dominating our view of the night sky at the moment. But how would Orion look if we...
15 February 2008
Scotsman: Sky's no limit for British astronauts in new phase of space race The science minister Ian Pearson said the international community was "on the cusp of a wave of...
14 February 2008
The Royal Observatory has a new program of spring courses for the general public. You can learn how to take photographs of the night sky at our astrophotography workshop, or...
14 February 2008
Hopefully all our regular readers have seen our notices and announcements about the fact that we're closing for auditing over the last two weeks of February. Our closed...
13 February 2008
Maritime Museums in Britain and Ireland - alphabetical main list A really useful list of maritime museums including some harder-to-track-down local ones.