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12 September 2007
Oxford DNB theme: Trafalgar, Nelson, and the national memory This is an 'open shelves' essay from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. No subscription needed! (tags...
12 September 2007
Are you interested in researching your family history? Perhaps you have some maritime ancestors but don’t know how to find out about them.
10 September 2007
The National Maritime Museum website has times for the visibility of the new crescent Moon, and the start of Ramadan, this week.
10 September 2007
The other day while cataloguing (Andrew Lambert's new edited collection of Naval history), I came across a reference to the Naval War College Review being freely available on...
8 September 2007
Astronomy Blog: Telescopes Live! "I like to think to a future where you could start up Stellarium, StarryNight or Google Sky and see where professional telescopes are...


5 September 2007
September's item of the month is Lieutenant Francis Leopold McClintock's notebook: Notes on Arctic Equipment for Spring Travelling, drawn up at Port Royal 1867. Caird Library...


4 September 2007
This post is the first in what we hope will be a series, concerning some of the 'not so frequently asked questions' that we often get in the library or E-library.


2 September 2007
This month we can see the planets Jupiter in the early evening and Mars just after midnight, and plenty of interesting objects in the Milky Way arcing overhead. The word...
31 August 2007
This truly is a gorgeous book. And it's not just me that thinks so - everyone who has walked past my shelf of recently catalogued books lately has been picking it up. Bound...
28 August 2007
If you've visited the reading room here at the Caird Library (or if you've read our excellent Lloyd's research guides) you'll know that we have a complete run of this world-...