Greenwich is home to some of London's most spectacular buildings - from Inigo Jones's Queen's House, considered the country's first truly classical building, to Christopher Wren's inspired Royal Observatory. Join us as we explore the stories behind these much-loved and respected works of architecture.



Severndroog Castle is a Grade II-listed gothic building in Shooter's Hill, near Greenwich, and a monument to naval hero Sir William James (1720–73).

Inigo Jones designed the Queen's House Greenwich and inspired English Palladianism with his beautiful building, the first Classical building in England.

Inigo Jones, England's first great architect, designed the Queen's House. It was England's first truly classical building. 

Andrea Palladio was one of Italy's greatest and most imitated architects, whose influence can be seen in the elegant Queen's House.

The Great Fire of London burned day and night for almost four days in 1666 until only a tiny fraction of the City remained. It came hot on the heels of the Great Plague and left the world's third largest city of the time a shadow of its former self. Was this God's judgment on wicked King Charles II?

The architect of St. Paul’s Cathedral was a noted astronomer and his two loves were united in his design of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.