John Dee provided Queen Elizabeth I with a new vision for England, spurring the rise of the British Empire.


Elizabeth I with the cardinal and theological virtues (c. 1598), copyright: Dover Museum and Bronze Age Boat Gallery, was commissioned by the Corporation of Dover for the town hall there. It is on permanent display at Dover Museum and Bronze Age Boat Gallery.


The Privy Council was a defined body that advised Queen Elizabeth I and acted as the administrative centre for her government.


Queen Elizabeth I was very conscious of her appearance, and her image was engineered to convey wealth, authority and power. 


When Elizabeth I became queen her first challenge was to build a loyal staff of independent thinkers to help her govern. 


As the Queen of England and the nation’s most powerful woman, Elizabeth's taste set the 'look' of the 1500s. 

Armada Portrait thumbnail.jpg

The iconic Armada portrait of Elizabeth I commemorates the most famous conflict of her reign – the failed invasion of England by the Spanish Armada in summer 1588.


The procession and coronation of Queen Elizabeth I set the tone for her reign and earned her public approval.


Entertainment at court in Elizabethan times included jousting, dancing, poetry-reading, dramatic performances, hunting, riding, banqueting and concerts. 

Sea atlas by Hondius

For Refugee Week, Megan Barford looks at the skilled engraver - and refugee - behind one of the Museum's beautiful 16th-century sea atlases.