The Mauretania

Mauretania was in her day the biggest and fastest – not to mention most luxurious – ship on the seas.

How big was she?

Mauretania had a length of 790 ft (240.8 m) and a beam of 88 ft (26.8 m). At the time (1906) she was the largest liner in the world at 32,000 gross tons. The Mauretania’s four steam turbines developed 68,000 horse power, giving speeds exceeding 27 knots.

Who built the Mauretania?

She was built by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd. at Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne and was launched on 20 January 1906. The Cunard Steam Ship Company of Liverpool owned her.

What happened to the Mauretania?

Mauretania was originally a liner on the Liverpool to New York service. During the First World War (1914–18), she carried over 76,000 troops and also served as a hospital ship.

Her high speed allowed her to hold the Blue Riband for the fastest Atlantic crossing from 1907 until 1929. After the war, the Mauretania returned to the New York route.

The ship was badly damaged by a fire in 1921 but after repairs she continued in service up to 1934. The ship was sold in early 1935, and was broken up at Rosyth later that year.

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