Stuart England

From uniting the kingdoms and the English Civil War, to the hedonism of the 'Merry Monarch' Charles II's court, join us as we delve into the lives and loves of the Stuart monarchs of the 16th and 17th centuries, and examine their impact on British society.

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Our curator Kristian Martin looks at the first actresses to take to the stage in England. Who were they and what did Samuel Pepys say about it?


Naval reformer, citizen scientist, serious player on the national stage, MP and prisoner of the Tower of London – Samuel Pepys was all these but it is his candid diary that has ensured he remains a household name centuries after his death.


Clare Jackson (The Stuarts, BBC 2) discusses one of Engalnd's most famous monarchs - King Charles II. 

Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution - plague

In 1666 the Great Plague tore through London, wiping out nearly a quarter of its population. See how it spread, who was blamed and how many died in our infographic – packed with surprising facts and figures.

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On women's history month we focus on the often hidden stories of amazing women throughout history. Today our curator Kristian Martin discusses Aphra Behn. 

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Uncover the salacious side of Stuart London, from the many mistresses of King Charles II to Samuel Pepys's notorious affairs.


Inigo Jones designed the beautiful Queen's House Greenwich, bringing Classical architecture to England in the process.

Pepys and the Royal Society

Did you know that Samuel Pepys became president of the Royal Society - despite very limited scientific knowledge! How did his love of fish almost stop the publication of Isaac Newton's world-changing Principia Mathematica?

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Samuel Pepys, the famous 17th century British diarist, helped to establish the Navy and is often described as ‘the father of the modern Royal Navy’.

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Discover the romantic marriage and brave life of the 'Winter Queen', daughter of James I, and hidden figure of British history