Royal Observatory Greenwich

Whether it's observing the stars, standing astride the Prime Meridian or marvelling at John Harrison's timepieces, the Royal Observatory Greenwich provides a treasure trove of fascinating information. Read all about the history of space, time and navigation, plus find out more about the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

Everything you need to know to start you on the road to becoming an amateur or professional astronomer.

Science and secret missions in the South Seas; innovations, discoveries and derring do. Cook’s first great voyage quickly became the stuff of legend.

It is a star, is it a planet or is it a plane? A handy guide to identifying that bright object you saw last night.

How astronomers including Nevil Maskelyne, fifth Astronomer Royal, helped solve the longitude problem.

The 88 constellations act as a handy map of the skies and a seasonal calendar used from ancient times. But what connects the stars in the same constellation?

The Astronomer Royal is the best-known and most prestigious post in astronomy with illustrious forebears such as Halley.

The telescope has evolved as a key scientific instrument that has changed our perceptions of the world. 

In 1894 international terrorism made its UK debut just outside the Royal Observatory. It created a gory mess and an enduring mystery.

After 11 years of Republican rule the monarchy was restored in May 1660.

The architect of St. Paul’s Cathedral was a noted astronomer and his two loves were united in his design of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.