Royalty & aristocracy

Arise ladies and gentlemen, as we step back in time to a world of courtiers and courtship. From the drama and intrigue of of Elizabeth I's court, to the rags to riches tale of Lord Nelson's mistress, Lady Emma Hamilton, we explore the lives and legacies of some of history's most colourful characters.

Queen Elizabeth I's tempestuous relationship with Robert Devereux, the 2nd Earl of Essex, greatly influenced the latter part of her reign, and resulted in Essex's execution in 1601.

Members of the Royal family have been drawn to Greenwich as far back as the late middle ages, with the area being the site of numerous royal births, marriages and deaths.

Early portraits of Queen Elizabeth I stress her God-given right to rule by her death she symbolised national unity.

Discover the romantic marriage and brave life of the 'Winter Queen', daughter of James I, and hidden figure of British history

The threat to the Crown from Catholic forces continued to grow for Queen Elizabeth I during the 1580s.

Who was Mary Tudor, sometimes known as 'Bloody Mary'? During her turbulent life, Mary became the first ruling queen of England, led an unpopular Catholic reign, and condemned many Protestants to death. 

Queen Elizabeth I used her power over language to shape Britain’s history and frame the narrative of the Spanish Armada by giving a now-famous speech to her troops on 9 August 1588.

The tides of peace turned for Queen Elizabeth I when Mary, Queen of Scots arrived in England

Concerns about who would succeed Queen Elizabeth I saw Parliament petition her to marry and produce an heir almost immediately. 

In 1697, Peter the Great of Russia travelled to England to learn about shipbuilding and navigation in order to establish the first Russian Navy.