Cutty Sark

Step on board the Cutty Sark and you'll step right back into the 19th century and discover exactly what life was like sailing around the world on this famous tea clipper. Discover the history of the ship, the cargo she carried, the stories of the people who sailed on her, and the amazing voyages she made.


To get an idea of what life might have been like for the crew of Cutty Sark, come on board and explore her living quarters.

Cutty Sark Whisky

The famous whisky is actually named after the Cutty Sark tea clipper, which was known for being the fastest of its day.


Cutty Sark was built in Dumbarton in 1869, designed to carry tea from China to England as fast as possible.

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With steamers taking over the tea trade, Cutty Sark's owners had to find a new future for the ship - but it was far from plain sailing.


The advent of Cutty Sark's teenage years marked her most successful phase as a working cargo ship - transporting wool from Australia.


Dwindling margins saw Cutty Sark's owners take the decision to sell her off to a Portuguese firm.

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Cutty Sark was bought for the nation in 1922 - but her dramatic story wasn't over yet.

Merchant Navy Memorial Cutty Sark

The contribution of the Merchant Navy is remembered at Cutty Sark in a memorial by sculptor Maurice Lambert.