Explore the truth behind the famous shipwrecks and subsequent discoveries of the Titanic and the Mary Rose. Plus, find out about some lesser-known ships that were wrecked at sea. And, don't forget to check out the story of Grace Darling - a true heroine and poster girl for the RNLI.

Grace Darling achieved great fame for the part she played in the rescue of survivors from a wrecked merchant ship in 1838.

The Mary Rose was a warship built in Portsmouth for King Henry VIII. She sank in 1545 and was recovered in 1981, with many artefacts still on board.

A hundred years ago, the world was awash in songs, poems and paintings about the Titanic. And then came movies.

The Titanic was a mighty ship indeed but how did she measure up to the other great liners of her age?

Toll for the brave – the story of the Royal George and how it went down in a home port with huge loss of life.

In 1715 James Knight was the first person to go in search of the North-West Passage in over 80 years, but his efforts were to end in tragedy.

No passenger ship has ever captured the public imagination like the Titanic. Amazing objects in the National Maritime Museum's collection reveal its infamous story.