Spanish Armada

If the Spanish Armada had successfully invaded England in 1588 the course of British history would have been altered forever. Read about the build up to the Spanish invasion, the measures Elizabeth I took to sabotage the campaign, and the events that led to England's victory against the Spanish Armada.

The threat to the Crown from Catholic forces continued to grow for Queen Elizabeth I during the 1580s.

Queen Elizabeth I used her power over language to shape Britain’s history and frame the narrative of the Spanish Armada by giving a now-famous speech to her troops on 9 August 1588.

The Spanish Armada led by King Philip II of Spain attempted to invade England in 1588, to avenge the death of Mary Queen of Scots in 1587.

In December 1587 Queen Elizabeth I put Lord Howard of Effingham in charge of England’s defence against the Spanish Armada.