Sackler Short-Term Research Fellowship

The Sackler Short-Term research Fellowship is a three-month fellowship for research into the history of astronomy and navigational sciences at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

The deadline for applications is 27 October 2017

£1600 per month

The National Maritime Museum promotes the history of the maritime sciences and technology to build and disseminate research into its world-class collections. These include objects of great significance to the histories of astronomy, horology, hydrography, navigation and shipbuilding.

The Sackler Short-Term Research Fellowship supports short periods of research from suitably qualified applicants into the history of science and technology, with particular reference to the National Maritime Museum's collections and subjects. The Museum is keen to encourage proposals both from maritime historians and from scholars from other disciplines who are interested in broader cultural, social and political aspects of maritime history.

The Sackler Short-Term Fellowship is specifically designed for research on astronomical and navigational sciences. The Museum is also keen to receive applications for fellowships that will contribute to our gallery and exhibitions programme. 

The Sackler Short-Term Research Fellowship is primarily intended for recent post-graduate or post-doctoral scholars, but applications from individuals who have demonstrated equivalent commitment to advanced research in the field may be considered.

The conditions for a Sackler Short-Term Research Fellowship are:

  • The award for the Fellowship is £1600 per month. The award can be paid to the Fellow's institution or to the Fellow, subject to UK Tax and NI. Further information will be given on acceptance of the proposal.
  • The Fellowship is for a predetermined two- or three-month period commencing from the October following appointment.
  • The Museum will receive printed acknowledgement in any and all publications resulting in whole or in part from research carried out during the period of the Fellowship.
  • The Fellow will provide the Museum (through the Research Department) with copies of all publications supported in whole or in part by the Fellowship.
  • The Fellow will provide the Museum with a written report on the completion of their Fellowship.
  • During the tenure of the Fellowship, the Fellow may be asked to attend conferences or symposia on behalf of the Museum or to participate in informal seminars with staff.

Guidelines on how to apply

The deadline for applications is 27 October 2017.

Three documents (ideally typewritten) are required, as follows:

  • A completed Microsoft Office document iconSackler Short-Term Fellowship application form, which asks for brief personal details, the title of the proposed research project and the names and addresses of two academic referees.
  • A curriculum vitae: this should be kept short and include details of the applicant’s education, employment history and major publications or papers delivered.
  • An outline of the proposed research project, which should not exceed three sides of A4 paper, a timetable for its completion, and proposals for making the results available. The Museum does not undertake to publish or assist with the publication of the results of research work accomplished during the tenure of the Fellowship.

Please note: emailed applications are preferred, although we will also accept applications by post.

Please return your Microsoft Office document iconSackler Short-Term Fellowship application form, CV and research proposal to:


Research Department Executive, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London SE10 9NF.

Tel: +44 (0)20 8312 6716

Reference Letters

Applicants should send a copy of their application to their nominated referees at the time of, or in advance of its submission, asking the referees to comment on their professional knowledge of the applicant, and the contribution the project would make to scholarship.

The referees should be asked to send their letters direct to the Museum at the above email or address by 27 October 2017.

Please note: Emailed reference letters can be accepted.

Outcome of applications

Awards for Sackler Short-Term Fellowships will be decided on from the proposals alone (i.e. no interview is required).

Applicants will be informed of the decision of the Academic Awards Committee by the following January.

For any further information please contact the Research Department Executive.