Research guide G3: Passengers: Ships sailing to Australia & New Zealand

This guide lists some of the National Maritime Museum’s photographic material (original photos, or photographs of plans, pictures or models) showing ships that have sailed to Australia and New Zealand.

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Ships A-D

Ship and date Type of image Negative number

Aachen 1923

photograph P17438

Aconcagua 1872

photograph P17642

Alexander Duthie 1867

photograph G1298

Alexander Stephen 1860

plans AS/22, AS22la,AS22lb, AS22lc,AS22ld, AS22le,AS22lf, AS22lg

Alfred 1845

picture 5151

Almora 1873

photographs G1992, G636

Anglesea 1852

picture 395
Atlas 1801(convict ship) plans 279B
Atrato 1853 photograph P18221
Austral 1881 photograph G729
Australian 1897 photograph P1666
Bendigo 1922 photograph P17740
Blairgowrie 1875 photograph P1842
Bulimba 1882 photograph G1738
Camperdown 1875 photograph G1575
Carlisle Castle 1868 photographs G1931, G2013, G2311
Champion of the Seas 1854 picture B7560
Charles Kerr 1826(convict ship) picture B4856
Charlotte 1874(ex Charlotte Padbury) photograph P2130
Chile 1856 picture A6381
Chiltonford 1892 photographs P2141, P3342
Chimborazo 1871 photograph G1490
Chyebassa 1874 photographs G1983, G1969
Constance 1848 picture 730
Cornwall 1896 photograph G151
Corona 1866 picture B5544
Cuzco 1871 photograph G87
Darling Downs 1852 photograph G1579
Demosthenes 1911 photograph P14782
Donald Mackay 1855 picture 6799
Duke of Devonshire 1873 picture -
Duke of Westminster 1882 photograph G2211

Ships E-K

Ship and date Type of image Negative number
Earl of Zetland 1875 photographs G1555, P2713
Ellenborough 1842 picture BHC3315
Emerald Isle 1836(convict ship) picture 9402
Ethel 1876 photograph P2858
Ethiopian 1864 picture B279
Euripides 1914 photograph P14786
Essex 1862 picture B4517, B4518, B5231
Florentia c.1824(convict ship) picture 9401
Flying Cloud 1851 picture 1549, 7156
Frances Ridley picture A2183
Geelong 1847 picture B5231, B5213
General Hewitt 1811 Picture 9405
Glamis 1876 photograph G1552
Glatton 1795 picture 2440, A5091
Great Britain 1843 picture 4553
Great Republic 1856 picture, model 4559, 9298
Great Victoria 1854 photograph P3462
Gulf of Venice 1883 photograph G2165
Halcione 1869 photograph P3521
Hampshire 1870 photograph G2016
Harbinger 1876 photographs P3543, P7397
Henry Porcher 1817(convict ship) picture 9402
Hereford 1869 photograph P3638
Holmsdale 1858 photograph P3723
Illawarra 1881 photographs G352, P3801, P7615
Indian Empire 1865 photograph P3821
Indus 1847 photograph G1763
James Baines 1854 picture 947
Jerusalem 1867 photograph P3989
John Gambles 1874 photograph P4093
Joseph Cunard 1839 picture B1189
Java 1813 photograph (as hulk) P3974
Kent 1853 picture, photograph 7686, G1556

Ships L-P

Ship and date Type of image Negative number
Lady Juliana 1779(convict ship) picture B4622
Lady Kennaway 1816(convict ship) picture 9353
Light Brigade 1854 photograph G1785
Lightning 1854 picture, model 8471, 7948
Lincolnshire 1858 picture, photograph 893, G1804
Lochee 1874 photograph G325
Macquarie 1875 photographs 7309, G552
Marco Polo 1851 model, picture 6173, 891
Maulesdon 1875 photograph P4774
Mellish 1820 picture 9400
Merkara 1875 photograph G1987
Mermaid 1853 picture 9280
Morley 1811 picture 3533
Mountstewart Elphinstone 1826 picture 9422
Nelson 1874 photograph G345
Norseman 1897 photograph G495
Northbrook 1874 picture B7445
Norwood 1854(convict ship) picture 9859
Orizaba 1886 photograph G637
Ormuz 1886 photograph G631
Orient 1879 photograph G137
Orontes 1902 photograph G144
Otago 1869 photographs P5194, P5195
Owen Glendower 1839 picture 5780, A5810
Parramatta 1866 photograph G1769
Parsee 1868 photograph P5282
Peerless 1859 picture B5574
Pitt 1780(convict ship) picture 1597
Port Jackson 1882 photographs P5495, A1660
Providence 1807 picture 9357
Pudsey Dawson 1853 picture D1626

Ships Q-Y

Ship and date Type of image Negative number
Queen of the East 1853 photograph P5676
Red Jacket 1853 picture 8786, 7877, 7875
Rodney 1874 photograph G2301
Roma 1873 photograph G627
Rome 1881 photograph G653
Royal Dane 1854 photograph G2275
Saint Leonards 1864 photograph G1709
Samuel Plimsoll 1873 photograph P5873

Sarah Sands 1845

picture 6727
Schomberg 1855 pictures B1311, 2924, 2727
Scottish Lassie 1877 photograph P597
Silver Eagle 1861 picture B4520
Sir Edward Paget 1822 picture BHC3639
Sobraon 1866 photograph G2306
Sir George Seymour 1844(convict ship) picture B3620
Sorata 1872 photograph G1594
Suffolk 1857 photograph G2270
Suffolk 1902 photograph P18622
Sussex 1866 photograph P6273
Tongariro 1883 photograph G833
Vimeira 1851(convict ship) photograph P6721
Walmer Castle 1855 picture 1058
Waroonga 1882 photograph G1970
Waterloo 1848 picture 164
West Australian 1859 picture 5482
White Star 1854 picture 8271
Yallaroi 1885 photograph P6959
Yeoman 1882 photograph G1728
York 1807(convict hulk) picture 5104
York 1819 picture 2868
Yorkshire 1859 picture G1795
The First Fleet in Botany Bay picture 2664

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