Dealing with customers

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National Maritime Museum, Queen's House
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Leisure & tourism

The National Maritime Museum deals engages with its visitors in a variety of ways.

Dealing with customers

The National Maritime Museum deals engages with its visitors in a variety of ways:

  • Face-to-face contact
  • Through talks, presentations and guiding services
  • On the telephone In writing, through letters, reports and other forms of written communication
  • Online, via e-mail enquiries, the online shop, E-Library and online booking for exhibitions, events and lectures

Welcome to the National Maritime Museum!

On arrival, there is usually a friendly Gallery Assistant who greets visitors and finds out if they have a special interest or need.

The visitor can collect a free floor plan and a list of special events for the day from the visitor desk.

Dealing with customers can be by telephone, face-to-face at the information desks or by providing a range of written and online materials .

You can see lots more examples in our 'Providing for customers' and 'Handling complaints' sections in this resource.