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Hello stargazers! On this page you will find free worksheets and coursework guides to help you with GCSE Astronomy, along with suggested videos to watch. 

You can download the Edexcel specification from their website here 

Unit 1: Understanding the Universe

Worksheets linked to the four main topics in the specification. These can be used in class, as homework or as part of your exam revision. 

Topic 1: Earth, Moon and Sun

PDF iconPhases of the Moon

PDF icon Rotational period of the Sun

PDF iconCalculating the energy output of the sun

PDF iconUsing Star Trails to measure Sidereal Day

Videos to watch: 

Topic 2: Planetary Systems

PDF iconCelestial Navigation

PDF iconKepler's Third Law

PDF iconCalculating the mass of the sun

PDF iconAlien worlds and the Doppler Effect

PDF iconFinding the Mass of an Exoplanet from Radial Velocity

PDF iconLooking for a habitable exoplanet

PDF iconThe probability of life in the Milky Way

PDF iconThe force of gravity

PDF iconSearching for life on extrasolar planets

Videos to watch:

Topic 3: Stars

PDF iconLooking for Jupiter

PDF iconColour and Wavelength in Space

PDF iconStellar Sat Nav

PDF iconWhen will the Sun become a red giant?

Videos to watch:

Topic 4: Galaxies and Cosmology

PDF iconGalaxy Statistics

PDF iconFinding the mass of the black hole in the Milky Way

PDF iconScales of the universe

PDF iconHubble's law

PDF iconMeasuring the Universe

PDF iconUnusual orbits in the Andromeda galaxy

PDF iconThe Age of the Universe

FileThe Age of the Universe - Table of Galaxies

FileThe Age of the Universe - Table of Galaxies: Answers

PDF iconCosmologicalredshift

PDF iconExotic matter in the Solar System

PDF iconThe history of the Universe

PDF iconWhat's the Universe made of?

Videos to watch:

Unit 2: Exploring the Universe  

Checklists and useful information for each of the coursework projects. 

Observational astronomy guides:  

PDF iconGuide to observing the night sky

PDF iconObserving Log

PDF iconA1 & B1 Lunar Features

PDF iconA2 & B2 Meteor Shower

PDF iconA3 & B3 Lunar or Solar Eclipse

PDF iconA4 & B4 Drawings of Photos of Constellations

PDF iconA5 & B5 Drawings or Photos of Celestial Events

PDF iconA6 & B6 Shadow Stick or Sundial

PDF iconA7 & B7 Measuring Light Pollution

PDF iconA8 & B8 Sunspots

PDF iconA9 & B9 Light Curve of a Variable Star

PDF iconA10 & B10 Measuring Stellar Density

PDF iconB11 Drawings or Photos of Messier Objects

PDF iconB12 Measuring the Sidereal Day

Video to watch:

Looking for Jupiter