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Conference | Darkrooms and representations: histories of photography, film and exploration

From experimentation with technologies in extreme environments (telephoto lenses, glass plate negatives, flashlight photography, chrono-photography, photomicrography, cinematography) to the practices that have emerged through ethnographic studies, meteorology, astronomy, oceanography, cartography and the documentation of wildlife, the mediation of photography and film has made otherwise inaccessible geographies visible.

The craft of writing maritime history



Arrival, registration and refreshments


Welcome and Chair’s comments: introducing the British Commission for Maritime History.


James Davey, University of Exeter

Redefining and Extending the Maritime: The New Naval and Maritime History

Session 1: Writing for Academic Audiences


Peter Sowden, Boydell & Brewer Publishers

How to Turn Your Thesis into a Book

Maritime Animals: Telling Stories of Animals at Sea

In maritime narratives of humans, ships and the sea, animals are too often absent, or marginalised in passing references, despite the fact that ships once carried, and were populated by, all kinds of animals. Horses, mules and other ‘military’ animals crossed the sea to their battlefields, while livestock were brought on-board to be killed and eaten. Sailors and passengers kept animal companions, ranging widely from cats and parrots to ferrets and monkeys.

Museums, Collections and Conflict, 1500-2010

Museums have been profoundly shaped by war and armed conflict, and have also played a significant part in shaping understandings and memories about them. Yet there has been little sustained examination of the way museums in war and war in museums has played out. Since Gaynor Kavanagh’s foundational study Museums and the First World War in 1994, and with the publication this year of Catherine Pearson’s similarly ground-breaking Museums in the Second World War, it is clear that museums have played and can play an important role in helping society address such crisis situations.

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