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Show of Hands | Songs of the People

Steve Knightley and Phil Beer are joined by renowned historian Michael Wood to present a unique performance of Songs of the People: Music from the English Radical Tradition. The show celebrates one of England’s great musical traditions and one that has been incredibly influential in world music. From the protest folk songs of Bob Dylan and the Delta blues of Muddy Waters to the blue collar ballads of Bruce Springsteen – these songs of Social Protest all have very English roots.

I, Elizabeth | A play in her own words

From the award-winning creators of Orlando, The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe, Christmas Gothic, Austen’s Women, and Female Gothic comes a new play, telling the story of Queen Elizabeth I.

1568: At a vital but volatile crossroads in history a young queen steps from the shadows to reveal her thoughts on marriage, succession, religion and war.  But time is against her…

Elizabeth I: Queen at 25, political phoenix and famously unmarried – but who was the woman beneath the crown?

The Great Experiment | A new play about the experience of indentured migrants

Border Crossings 
in association with Dugdale Centre and Exchange Theatre
Join us between the decks of Cutty Sark, as the ship is brought vividly back to life in a vibrant and challenging new play about the 19th century voyages across the Indian Ocean.
'I didn't know that when slavery was abolished in 1833, it was the slave owners that were 

Harry Hill's Experiments In Entertainment (Part 2.5) on board Cutty Sark

If you haven't seen Harry Hill live, you haven't experienced him. More wild, more uncensored and a whole lot more visceral than on TV.

About the event

Jump aboard the comedy ship and immerse yourself in the sickly, warm goo of Harry Hill's comedy as this show unfolds right in front of your eyes.

Expect his trademark mash-up of styles and substances, from Vaudeville schtick gone wrong to crooning and lo-fi puppetry. Come and get your ribs tickled by the renegade master.

Age: 18+

The Night That Launched a Thousand Ships: Science, Story and Seafaring Adventure | With Dr Helen Czerski

From seafaring and music to science and storytelling, each guest speaker on the night is ready to share their unique knowledge and expertise. 

The one thing that unites them? They're (almost) all called Helen!

That's right, Cutty Sark's night of nerdy wonderment is brought to you by a number of notable people who share their name with the legendary Spartan princess Helen of Troy.

Pre-Edinburgh Comedy | Nick Helm & Jake Lambert

Nick Helm: Phoenix From The Flames

After six years away from Edinburgh and ahead of his National Tour, Helm is back at the Fringe with a full run of his new show to remind the world what they’ve been missing out on. Resurrected from the ashes, come and witness two-time Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee and International Treasure In Waiting singing songs and righting wrongs. You don’t deserve this...

'The man is brutal, but by AC/DC he's talented with it.' - The Latest ★★★★★

‘A true comedy daredevil’ - Time Out ★★★★

Pre-Edinburgh Comedy | Matt Forde & Eleanor Tiernan

Matt Forde

Ultra-topical comedy and presenter of Unspun. As seen on The Royal Variety Performance, Mock the Week, The One Show and Question Time. Now with added Trump.

'Possibly the best political comedy show on the Fringe' ★★★★★  - The Telegraph

'A first-class comic' - The Guardian

'Singlehandedly fulfilling comedy’s brief of taking our political masters to task. Combining spot-on impressions with up-to-the-minute observations' ★★★★ - Mail on Sunday


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