Meet the Neighbours

Vote with the audience on which planets to explore in depth, before moving beyond to explore neighbouring stars and galaxies far away in the depths of space.

Packed full of spectacular sights and fun facts, this interactive show will be presented live by an astronomer from the Royal Observatory.

Planetarium shows last up to 30 minutes.

Age: 5+

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Common Salt

Common Salt is a performance around a table – a ‘show and tell’.

It explores the colonial and geographical history of Britain and India. It takes an expansive and emotional travel through time, from the first Enclosure Act and the start of the East India Company in 1600 to contemporary narratives of trade, race and culture.

Sheila Ghelani and Sue Palmer activate insights into our shared past, laying out a ‘home museum’ of objects and stories.

Grubs Up: Surviving Sea and Space, Family Festival

Get active in a Haka workshop led by the Maori community, learn about the unusual diets of astronauts on their way to the Moon or take a moment of peace with family yoga.

All activities are free.

What's on

Out of this world

Under the Figurehead, 11am - 1pm | 2pm - 4pm

Come and meet a Science Explainer from the Royal Observatory and explore the diet of an astronaut in space. It's not all freeze-dried fruit!

Grub's Up!

Learning Space, 11.30am | 12.15pm | 1.30pm | 2.15pm | 3.15pm

Great Equatorial Encounter

Come visit the Great Equatorial Telescope in the daytime to find out more about this amazing 1893 Victorian instrument, the people who used it and the science it was used for. This visit includes telescope footage and a virtual reality experience to simulate elements of a night time observing session at the Royal Observatory. An astronomer will be on hand throughout to answer all your queries about the cosmos.

Please note that the telescope is only accessible by stairs. This is not an observing session, but uses footage captured on clear nights.

Age: 7+


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