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Our Journey into the Uncharted - Punchdrunk's Proposal

Now in a series of blogs the National Maritime Museum (NMM) and Punchdrunk (PD) come together again to discuss how the exhibition developed from initial concept stage to the first visitors through the door. However, like all things that go Against Captain’s Orders these blogs aren’t quite what they seem…

PD: It’s a grey, somewhat damp Monday morning. But we are here at the National Maritime Museum for the first of a series of conversations about our collaboration Against Captain’s Orders.


Character Encounters

Visit the Museum every Saturday to discover a different character from history with their own fascinating story to tell!

James Robson

Explore Traders: the East India Company and Asia gallery with James Robson, a Chinese lascar (sailor) who served on the fastest and greatest of the tea clippers, Cutty Sark. Find out about the struggles of the tea trade between Britain and China on your journey, and the impact of the 19th-century Opium Wars on both countries.


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