Family fun

Batik Inspired Drawing

Sail away across the waves to Indonesia, one of Cutty Sark's many destinations, to create Batik-inspired drawings in this artist-led workshop.  Learn about the beautiful designs associated with Batik and make a mini wall-hanging to take home with you.

Marvellous Maps

Our museum’s collections hold around 100,000 historical maps and sea charts. Join us to learn about the different ways people have navigated the globe in the past and create a map of your own in this creative art workshop.

Suitable for ages 5+

Extreme Fashion

In this session we will think about the special clothing and equipment needed to experience harsh conditions, and families will get a chance to design Extreme Fashion for their very own adventure.

Suitable for ages 5+

National pop-up project leaves the Museum and tours England

The stories collected will travel back to the Museum and feature in a digital interactive which will go on display in the new Sea Things Gallery. Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) is in residence for this exciting project. Artists from EEA form the Maritime Memory Catchers who drive the van around the country and deliver fun, creative sea-themed activities free for people from all ages and background to participate in. 

Silk River storytelling aboard Cutty Sark

On the 17th September, Greenwich plays host to the Silk River walking tour of the River Thames. Cutty Sark will be the first point of call  before the walkers, with their beautiful parade of banners, head for Woolwich. Join our storyteller aboard the ship to find out how Greenwich and Cutty Sark inspired the banner designs, and if you arrive early enough, you might just catch the beautiful artworks before they proceed on their journey along the River Thames.


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