Family fun

Holiday to Space activity morning

Start the morning with a sing along to help Ted find the great big bear in our 20-minute Space Safari planetarium show, filled with spectacular views of the planets up close!

Afterwards, take part in a 30-minute workshop in one of our learning spaces, to find out a little more about Ted’s adventure to the planets. Can you choose one that would make a good holiday destination? Help prepare our brave teddy bear for the trip and his stay.

An Evening with the Stars

Dates: Friday/Saturday: 9, 10, 23, 24 Nov 2018 | 7, 8, 21, 22 Dec 2018 | 11, 12, 25, 26 Jan 2019

Session times: 5.25–7.25pm, 5.30–7.30pm, 6.45–8.45pm, 6.50–8.50pm


Join us for an evening of astronomy, with a planetarium show (The Sky Tonight), a chance to look through our 18 tonne Victorian telescope and some time on the Meridian Line with amazing views and a hot drink.

Our Journey into the Uncharted - Punchdrunk's Proposal

Now in a series of blogs the National Maritime Museum (NMM) and Punchdrunk (PD) come together again to discuss how the exhibition developed from initial concept stage to the first visitors through the door. However, like all things that go Against Captain’s Orders these blogs aren’t quite what they seem…

PD: It’s a grey, somewhat damp Monday morning. But we are here at the National Maritime Museum for the first of a series of conversations about our collaboration Against Captain’s Orders.



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