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Members' Family Day: Christmas

This Christmas we are shooting to the stars with a special celestial wreath making session. Plus why not visit our two special exhibitions, The Moon and Insight Investment Astronomy Photography of the Year, and discover even more about space. 

Please note that Members will need to book in for their preferred slot for the wreath making sessions between 11am and 3pm. Our two special exhibitions are open all day between 10am and 5pm. 

Flamsteed lecture: Catching gravitational waves and light from colliding stars, by Prof. Ofer Lahav

The lecture will explain what gravitational waves are, and how they were discovered by the LIGO collaboration, initially for systems of binary black holes. We will then describe how optical flashes were detected in the case of the binary neutron star merger by the Dark Energy Survey (DES) and by other observatories around the world, across the electromagnetic spectrum. Instruments developed for other purposes turned out to be extremely useful for following up gravitational wave events.

Members' Late: The Moon and Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019

Join us for a special event view of the two current exhibitions at the National Maritime Museum. Explore our relationship with our closest celestial neighbour at The Moon exhibition and then marvel at the stunning images in this year's Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition. 

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Flamsteed lecture: A planet not our own - The strange worlds of exoplanets by Dr Elizabeth Tasker

Planets the size of Jupiter with orbits completed in Earth days, planets with two suns in the sky and others with seas of tar or endless oceans. How did these worlds form, how did we find them and could any of these discoveries be at all like our own Earth?

Members' Lecture: 'Spirit of Endurance' with Louis Rudd MBE

In late 2018 Louis Rudd MBE trekked 925 miles across Antarctica. He was the first Briton to complete this feat, alone, on foot and without resupply, and the second person ever, just days after American Colin O'Brady finished his own trek across Antarctica. Inspired by the loss of friend and fellow Polar explorer Henry Worsley, Rudd spent 56 days on this amazing accomplishment. This is your opportunity to hear his amazing story.

Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 Private View

The winning images of this year's Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of Year competition will be announced on 12 September. Members will have an opportunity to visit the exhibition and see the stunning entries the very next day, as well as hearing from one of the judges, Royal Observatory astronomy Tom Kerss, about what makes an award-winning photo. 

Flamsteed lecture: The Secret Rulers of the world – the Apollo Moon Landings, conspiracy theories and critical thinking skills in a “post-truth” world, by Prof Anu Ojha OBE

Are scientists part of the global conspiracy or are things not quite as they appear? Who cares what people choose to believe? What are the ramifications for modern democracy in an increasingly media-driven “fake news” society? And why is the role of science so important in empowering people in a world increasingly influenced by distortion, spin and disinformation?


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