Mudlarking on the Thames

When the tide is out, you can walk along the city’s beaches and pick up precious objects that no-one else has touched for hundreds of years. The Thames foreshore, all the way from Greenwich to Putney and beyond, is littered with treasures: pottery, old clay tobacco pipes, brass buttons and glass bottles. Picking these up is an incredible sensation, and makes one feel deeply part of London’s ever-continuing history; finding them is called mudlarking.

Meet the Experts


5 September

Painting the Pacific

Sophie Richards, Exhibitions Interpretation Curator


12 September

Cobles, Scaffies, Wherries and Drifters: Alan Sorrell and Working Boats from Around the British Coast

Simon Stephens, Curator of Ship Model and Boats Collection


19 September

Pictorial Puzzles in Dutch and Flemish Seascapes

Dr Pieter van der Merwe, Greenwich Curator Emeritus



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