Deptford Wives

In 1773, Mary Lacy, a poor girl from Kent facing a lifetime as a domestic servant, ran away from home, disguised herself as a man, and joined the British Navy.

She became an apprentice shipwright, but when her gender was revealed, she was expelled from the Navy, leaving her to find her identity as a woman in a man's world.

Mary went on to become an architect and builder, building a row of houses now known as Deptford High Street, found time to write her memoirs and was the first woman to be granted a pension from the British Admiralty.

Tales for Tots

Join an adventure through time and place with Tamera the Time Traveller. Explore the Pacific and the freezing Polar regions and meet pirates and scientists from across time. 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00

Meet on the Great Map.


Hear stories of exploration and adventure that bring the Museum to life for younger visitors through song and movement. 10.30, 11.30, 13.00, 14.00

Meet in the Learning Space.


The Future of Books - Nick Coveney

Nick Coveney will share tales from his career as a digital innovator working at the cutting edge of publishing. He will be talking about how he became the storybook voice for Google’s Assistant in StoryCastle and where the future of books and storytelling might lead us.

Nick is a Digital and Marketing leader working for Kobo (an online digital bookseller) as well as a book obsessive and self-described book pusher. He is co-chair of Pride in Publishing, an LGBTQ+ publishing network.

Re-imagining a Fairy Tale Classic for the Fantasy Lover - Alexandra Christo

Alexandra Christo considers how familiar childhood tales can be recreated for a modern fantasy audience.  From cursed kingdoms, to witches out for blood and monsters mimicking humans, for most of us fairytales are our first introduction into the world of fantasy and magic. Alexandra draws on her own experience to demonstrate how a well-known tale can be twisted into something entirely new, combining dark magic with real-world politics, to create a seductive and sinister story sure to thrill fantasy lovers. 

Lost in a Book

With a weekend of talks and workshops with authors, screenwriters, oral storytellers, podcasters and poets, explore the true breadth of what storytelling means today. 

All sessions are free but space is limited so to avoid disappointment you will need to book your seat prior to coming to the Museum.

Also join us for free performances by Action For Refugees In Lewisham, as well as a queer science fiction meet-up, a group 'write up' with National Novel Writing Month and immersive family workshops inspired by storytelling. 



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