My Life as a Screenwriter - Toby Davies

Toby Davies talks about writing comedy for some of the biggest names on television, adapting novels for the big screen, annoying opera audiences and forging a career in writing. With an adaptation of Saki’s short stories completed as an early venture, Toby considers the importance of finding the connections within and between stories in order to create a satisfying ‘whole’.

Writing Adventure - Natasha Pulley

Natasha Pulley discusses how authors make use of extensive research to craft their adventurous tales. She draws on her own experience of trawling the archives at Royal Museums Greenwich for exciting facts about the Battle of the Nile and sailing aboard a tall ship to reveal the ways in which real adventures can be the source for creating imaginary ones. 

Lost in a Book

With a weekend of talks and workshops with authors, screenwriters, oral storytellers, podcasters and poets, explore the true breadth of what storytelling means today. 

All sessions are free but space is limited so to avoid disappointment you will need to book your seat prior to coming to the Museum.

Also join us for free performances by Action For Refugees In Lewisham, as well as a queer science fiction meet-up, a group 'write up' with National Novel Writing Month and immersive family workshops inspired by storytelling. 



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