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Cutty Sark Teen Tours

This year, Teen Tours has gone digital. Sign up to listen to a short talk from one of our participants who have spent the last six weeks investigating untold stories and alternative narratives of Cutty Sark's past, present and future. 

Log in to one or more of the four 20-minute tours developed by a team of young people from south London. We will be covering topics from mental health to ship design and construction, listening to annecdotes from sailors' experiences on board.

How to talk to children about race and racism

In this webinar, join Serlina Boyd and Tatiana Ellis to discuss how to talk to children about race and racism. 

This session will empower parents and carers to have more open conversations with children about race and racism, suggesting tools to support conversations, and encouraging the next generation to celebrate difference and strive for equality. 

The webinar will start at 7pm and there will be an opportunity to ask questions after the initial discussion.

Ticketed | Free


Funded by the Royal Borough of Greenwich for Black History Month 2020

Introduction to Astrophysics 2020/21

An excellent follow-up to Introduction to Astronomy to further investigate the physics of our universe.

This six-week course is for people with some prior knowledge of astronomy and a great deal of curiosity: it is an ideal follow-on for those who have studied Introduction to Astronomy, but can also be studied independently.

The course covers Solar System exploration, exoplanets, dark matter and dark energy, cosmology and the Big Bang. 

Life in the Universe

This introduction to astrobiology outlines the ongoing studies concerning life in the Universe. You'll learn about what it is that makes the Earth suitable for life, uncover the difficulties astronomers encounter when looking for these conditions elsewhere in the Universe, and take abrief look into our search for intelligent life.

Is our planet the only place in the Universe with life? Or is it everywhere in the Universe just waiting to be found? Explore the possibilities in this six week adult course for beginners taught by an engaging tutor from the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

Chris Bertish | Limitless! The SUP Crossing

In March 2017, Chris became the first person to single-handedly cross the entire Atlantic Ocean (+7500km) on a Stand-Up Paddleboard over 93 days.

Join us in the Leonard Mueller Lecture Theatre at the National Maritime Museum, where you will meet Chris and hear the story of his amazing feat; the successful completion of a task most people would consider to be impossible.

A History of Greenwich in 50 Objects

Explore the history of Greenwich with curators, conservators, storytellers, storekeepers and mudlarks. Each week will focus on different objects, both from the Museum’s Collection and art, statues and memorials in public spaces, along with extraordinary finds from the Thames mud.

Visit the History of Greenwich website to view a selection or suggest an “object” that says Greenwich.

Curated by local historian and storyteller Rich Sylvester.


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