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Chris Bertish | Limitless! The SUP Crossing

In March 2017, Chris became the first person to single-handedly cross the entire Atlantic Ocean (+7500km) on a Stand-Up Paddleboard over 93 days.

Join us in the Leonard Mueller Lecture Theatre at the National Maritime Museum, where you will meet Chris and hear the story of his amazing feat; the successful completion of a task most people would consider to be impossible.

Oral History and Museums: Challenges and Opportunities - CANCELLED

Oral histories offer a unique insight into the past and deserve a place in every major museum collection. They provide an invaluable opportunity for researchers and visitors to learn about historic events from those who were present, in their own words. Practitioners around the world have recorded an astonishing array of testimonies over the past half-century, from the recollections of Welsh miners to the experiences of those involved in the Mau Mau uprising.  

The Many Faces of Tudor England: Diversity aboard the Mary Rose

The ill-fated ship represents both a living community and a state-of-the-art fighting machine, fully manned and equipped for war. To date, no marine excavation has attained the scale of the Mary Rose project, nor captured the imagination of the public so completely. Tragically lost, miraculously preserved, painstakingly excavated and meticulously conserved, its historical treasures provide a unique and vivid impression of life at sea in the 1500s.

Lightning Course: How to build a spacecraft

NOTE: This course is now fully booked. The How to Build a Spacecraft Lightning Course will run again later in 2020. Check the website again in Spring 2020 for more information. If you would like to express interest in this course or have a suggestion for another topic you feel would be interesting for our Lightning Courses programme, please email or the Royal Museums Greenwich switchboard at +44 (0) 208 858 4422.

Conference: The art and science of the Moon

With contributions from academics, artists and curators exploring the interface between art, in its widest sense, and science, this conference will consider various creative responses to our cosmic companion.  In keeping with RMG’s interest in interrogating the collision of science, history and art, ‘The Art and Science of the Moon’ will explore how the Moon’s motions and phases have influenced human activities, beliefs and behaviours; how sustained scrutiny of the lunar surface have enabled us to understand more about ourselves; how attempts, imaginary and real, to reach this other world h

War Widows' Quilt Workshop

The War Widows’ Quilt commemorates the lives of war widows and their loved ones as part of the War Widows’ Stories project. The arthur+martha organisation, who developed the War Widows’ Quilt together with war widows and their families, will run a drop-in workshop combining embroidery and poetry, inspiring participants to make their own commemorative works.


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