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Foundation Astrophysics - SOLD OUT

Our foundation astrophysics programme is an opportunity to study without the cost of accreditation or the pressure of examinations, but require knowledge of basic science and algebra.

While these courses are not formally accredited, students are assessed through coursework and receive certificates of achievement from the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, on the completion of all modules. There are six ten-week modules in the programme that run over two years, which do not have to be studied in order.

Tutor: Roger O’ Brien.

Introduction to Astrophysics

An excellent follow up to Introduction to Astronomy to further investigate the physics of our universe. This six-week course is for people with some prior knowledge of astronomy and a great deal of curiosity; it is an ideal follow-on for those who have studied Introduction to Astronomy, and can also be studied independently.

The course will run twice in the 2017-18 academic year.

  • 2 January – 6 February
  • 17 April – 22 May

Tutor: Colin Stuart.

Night sky observing highlights – October 2015

This month’s highlights include planetary conjunctions and the Orionid meteor shower. (All times given are for London and will vary for other parts of the UK.) 2 October after 22.00 look towards the waning gibbous Moon low in the east, and then look for the orange star Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus which will be only half a degree away.

4 Oct – a last quarter Moon will be visible in the morning, setting around 15.00.


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