Great British Tales, Great British Values


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Essential information

Key stage: 
Key Stage 2
School subject: 
History, Literacy
National Maritime Museum
Session times: 
Wednesdays at 10.15 and 12.30
Session price: 
£60 (maximum 30 students)

This session will inspire purposeful non-fictional reading, as well as making the subject of British values relevant to pupils as individuals, and as a class.

Jump back in time to discover characters from Britain’s maritime past including Admiral Lord Nelson, Olaudah Equiano and Grace Darling, and question what values you think they showed through their life’s work.

Pupils will:

• develop their reading and fact-finding skills

• create their own non-fiction piece of writing to further develop back in the classroom

• consider how different figures in Britain’s history have used their values, and reflect on what values are important to them in today’s world


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